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Reddit is one of the popular websites which have an abundance of information related to everything that’s on your mind. Though when you visit the site for the first time, you might be confused, and the terms and jargon used might leave you in the dilemma of how to use it. 

We have written a blog which is a complete guide on reddit cricket form basic to advance level. We have discussed how you can start using the website, what are the technologies that are being used, and how you can master the platform to bring massive traffic to your site.

To be very precise, Reddit is a common platform where users submit links, pictures and texts which everyone can vote. The best and quality content ranks on the top, whereas the downvoted content ranks at the bottom.

Reddit has several small communities called subreddits which are dedicated to a specific topic. Each subreddit starts with So today we will discuss one such reddit, which is a quite popular discussion forum for people, and that is cricket reddit So let not talk furthermore and understand about this subreddit.

Cricket Reddit | Reddit for Cricket News | Updates | Community & Support
Cricket Reddit | Reddit for Cricket News | Updates | Community & Support

What is Cricket Reddit?

It would not be right to say that cricket is a popular game in a particular state. Cricket fans are everywhere; millions of people love the game. It is far much more evident from the matches such as India Vs. Pakistan witnesses thousands and millions of viewers. 

What is the need to have this platform when we already have daily headlines and media coverage? Media indeed covers a lot of information about cricket which is almost about professional cricket reddit but what about amateur cricket leagues and players. There is no such platform to discuss and talk about the topics related to cricket or have a grass root level of discussion. This means one such platform has to emerge. 

The result of which we witness the platform called Cricket Reddit. A forum for all the cricket fans to discuss and share all the things about cricket. This a platform for general cricketing discussion/conversation about all topics that you want to discuss. 

There are threads in the subreddit that does not just focus on cricket buzz or main topics but anything within the boundaries of the topic. The following evident is enough to help us understand.

How to get started with Cricket Reddit ?

Hope you have got an idea of what is Cricket Reddit and excited about to start using it. Let’s help you and give you an insight on how to get started with the same –

Once you sign up on Reddit and Login with your user name and password, you will find popular posts on your Homepage. The popular posts are from all the subreddits you have already subscribed. 

Cricket Reddit | Reddit for Cricket News | Updates | Community & Support
Cricket Reddit | Reddit for Cricket News | Updates | Community & Support

Oops !! Did you miss the Cricket subreddit? No worries we are here to guide you. Now, as you see that you wanted to subscribe to a particular reddit you can do is go on a search option at the top of the pages where you can find new content. You can enter the subreddit for Cricket Reddit you are interested in, and reddit will display both posts and subreddits that match it. 

Have a look at the subreddit. I know its all messed up but don’t worry click the Join button on the right side to add it to your list.

How to create a post on Cricket Reddit ?

Now that you have subscribed to Cricket apart from reading and voting the content available, the primary task involves creating a post so that your post shows up in the list. So let us guide you on how to create a post on cricket reddit –

To create the post, click on a create post button on the right side of the screen to submit content once you click on the button you have to choose whether to submit a text post, image/video, or a link. Whatever post you pick, you’ll need to provide a descriptive title with it. Some subreddits only allow you to submit certain kinds of content, so keep that in mind.

As you perform the above task, you might see certain options beneath the title . We know these are new for you here is what these abbreviations mean. 

OC:  The abbreviation OC Stands for Original Content means that what you’re posting is your work.

Spoiler: The term spoiler means that your post contains content that could ruin a surprise if someone isn’t caught up on the topic.

NSFW: The abbreviation means The Not Safe for Work tag.It signifies explicit content that people won’t want to view in public places like their office.

Flair: At time subreddits allow you to tag your post with little snippets of text to provide more info. 

Now that you have submitted your post, it will be displayed in the list of subreddits. But with every opportunity comes certain restrictions. Every subreddit has its limitations regarding the post, so does the cricket Reddit. So let us understand what are the points that you should consider before posting on a cricket reddit. 

Cricket Reddit | Reddit for Cricket News | Updates | Community & Support

Rules to adhere while posting in a Cricket reddit ?

You can not post anything in a subreddit; there are certain rules that you must adhere to. Don’t panic if you miss any of these rule reddit will notify you that something is wrong with your post. The envelope-like option on the top will display the notification and you can read what is wrong with the post.

So here are rules that you must know before you post in this subreddit 

Rule 1: No Abuse

No personal attacks/abuse of other Redditors is allowed. No racism, homophobia, sexism, trolling, or cheering/wishing for injuries to players. No personal posting information, witch-hunting, or harassing others on Cricket Reddit.

Rule 2: No Spam

Follow this and this as a guideline. Ask the mods before submitting your content.

Rule 3a: No Reposts

Check the new queue to make sure your link hasn’t already been posted before submitting it.

Rule 3b: No Editorialised or Bad Titles

No editorialising of post titles. Don’t significantly change the title of an article when you post it – leave your opinion as a comment on your post instead. No clickbait or otherwise terrible, uninformative, bad post titles are allowed in Cricket Reddit.

Rule 4: No Non-Cricket Content/Politics/Religion

  • No political posts/comments unless it is directly relevant to the sport.
  • No religious posts/comments. Save it for another sub.
  • No posts that are off-topic or not cricket-related
  • Off-topic discussion not covered by the above is acceptable in comments, e.g. general match thread chat

Rule 5: Use English Only, unless Translated

No posts or comments in languages other than English, unless accompanied by a translation.

Rule 6: No Flamebait or Brigading

No generalised attacks/whinging about other fanbases/countries, or blaming fanbases for downvotes is allowed. No posts created specifically to attack a team/player/fanbase/country or to create drama. Don’t ask for votes or discussion on posts in other subreddits, Cricket Reddit.

Rule 7: No Memes/Low Effort Posts or Comments

No ‘cheap karma’ posts or visibly annoying comments – examples are listed in the wiki. No novelty accounts, useless bots, link shorteners, or posts/comments are asking mods for things.

Rule 8: No streams or illegal/copyrighted content

Do not post or ask for sharing of illegal match streams and other copyrighted material. You can post official sources only.

Cricket Reddit | Reddit for Cricket News | Updates | Community & Support

Tips on how to use Cricket reddit 

We have shared a lot of relevant information about cricket reddit, but we don’t want any scope to leave any topic untouched within this subreddit. So here are some additional tips that things that you should know –

Within the cricket Reddit, subreddit have the option to sort the post by various categories. The option Hot shows posts with a lot of recent activity. New, Top, and Rising hope you understand the terminologies The option Controversial display posts with equal amounts of upvotes and downvotes. Within the options like Top, you can filter by the past day, week, year, or all time.

View option will help you to change how posts appear. The default wastes a lot of space, so we recommend changing it to the Classic layout (in the middle). It let you see more posts at once without getting too cramped.

You might see gold, silver, or platinum award that appear next to posts or comments. It means that the post falls in the category of paid Reddit Cricket Premium service, where you purchase coins and use them to give awards to posts. It does not hold any importance, but you should know someone has paid money to award them.

At times you will notice a save post option next to the post. You can click on the Save button to save any post or comment for later. To view it on a later date visit view my profile option and you will access to everything your history, interactions etc.


Now you are well versed with how to used Cricket reddit. We know it can be quiet messy and intimidating in the start, but if you use to follow the above steps and follow them regularly, you will be well versed with the platform. Keep reading all our news blogs to stay updated with the latest trends.