Get Grammarly Discount for Students | FREE Grammarly Students Students Discount

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In this article, you will be able to gain all the knowledge surrounding Grammarly Discount for Students and its various discounts, which are offered by different websites tied up with Grammarly Discount for Students .

You will be able to recognize whether you can use it or not, and if you are willing to use it, how can you use it effectively. This article also deals with the procedure to avail discounts for students so that it is economical for them to take the benefit of Grammarly. Next, you will be acquainted with its ample and fully loaded features, which makes it the most loved application for writing.

Later on, you will have a doubt regarding the premium membership and its worth. Do not worry. We have covered this issue also. And to prompt you more, there are reviews of many users, which will help you in deciding the worth of a premium subscription.

When you are finished reading about the basics, it is time now to know the process of how Grammarly functions or how you can use Grammarly as per your requirements.

Last but not least, if you still have doubts, there is a section of FAQ’s to help you resolve them. And finally, some final words to summarize.

Brief Overview of Grammarly Discount for Students

Grammarly discounts for students are creating new personal favourite space in the education sector, especially for students as they are the ultimate benefactors of such applications and innovations. 

The Grammarly Discount for Students is a tool that not only finds and fixes the grammar mistakes in any data or information text but also provides you with millions of suggestions for improvements.

Grammarly Discount for Students can be one of the best investments you will ever make. No matter whether you are a student or a blogger or a frequent writer who needs good grammar articles to spread your thoughts and ideas, Grammarly discounts for students and others are helpful for all those who urgently require it. 

Although Grammarly does not offer discounts through its official websites, Grammarly discounts for students can be availed via different other platforms tied up with it. It has a program for educators known as Grammarly@Edu, and it works with other educational institutions for providing Grammar tools to students and teachers as well.

Words are not just a combination of alphabets. They are the powerful and influential source of reflecting the conditions of society. Whether a student uses it to project his/her ideas, a teacher who displays the responsibility of teaching the right moral values, a politician to portray his or her vision of a country’s future, or anyone who wishes to depict their emotions and ideas, be it of any kind, uses the power of words in different languages. And to deliver the correct frames of sentences, Grammarly Discount for Students lends you a helping hand. Moreover, Grammarly discounts for students are amongst the attractions to use its features.

The use of words builds a connecting link between the writer and the reader so as to share the similar, if not the same, kind of emotion. But there are full chances of grammar mistakes when you are writing with emotions, which may also break the connection as well. And no writer would want that. Here is where comes the role of Grammarly, which proofreads your writings and transform them into a better version. Added is the benefit of Grammarly discounts for students who are highly effective and preventing the punishments for grammar mistakes. 

Who Can Use Grammarly on Discount?

Grammarly is a technical tool designed both for native English-speaking people and those who do not use English often as compared to the native ones. In other words, people who can use Grammarly may include the following list of people and their profession –

  1. Content copywriters and marketers
  2. Bloggers
  3. Academics
  4. Authors
  5. A business professional who wish to deliver an accurate and professional report without any flaws
  6. And of course, students.

Grammarly can also act as a new line of defence for those who wish to start writing their novel or pursue to be a professional writer. Whether you are a pro in English writing or not, it does not matter as long as you have Grammarly by your side. 

It also offers an option to change language settings, which are specific to American English, Canadian English, Australian English, British English, and lots more. Sounds great, right? Well, users and their reviews say that you will love Grammarly once you start using it. 

Various platforms also exist which offer discounts for students and are linked to the official website of Grammarly. Now students can also avail of the benefits of technological equipment. But, one thing to keep in mind is that by subscribing to the premium membership, you should not violate any rules or regulations of your university or school. Otherwise, you will be liable for your own deeds. 

Let us learn how can you get Grammarly discounts for students in the next section.

How to Get Grammarly Discount for Students? 

Various platforms provide different Grammarly discounts for students. It is an easy and simple task to obtain these discounts and utilize the application to its maximum potential. All you need is to follow the following easy steps:

  • Click on the links you see when you search for Grammarly discounts for students.
  • Look out for the ‘Premium’ button after you select a particular discount option via one website.
  • Then click on Add extension as a pop up appears.
  • The next screen will take you to adjust the Grammarly settings as per your writing needs. Click the continue button once you are done selecting the required option. (This option can also be skipped)
  • Do not forget to click on the Continue button to save your settings and proceed.
  • The next screen will ask you to enter a few details like email address, name, and password. There is an option to sign up via your Facebook account also.
  • Next will appear a Welcome screen. Click on ‘Get Grammarly premium’ and proceed to sign up with a premium account.
  • Here, you can choose any plan or Grammarly special offer as per your time of duration. It is suggested to avail of an annual plan for the best experience of Grammarly discounts for students.
  • The next screen is of payment options. Enter the necessary details for the payment of the subscription and click Submit.

And that is it. See, it is this simple, quick, and easy to get a Grammarly discounts for students. Now, you are good to go ahead and start your writing like a pro, without any flaws.

Features of Grammarly for Students on Discount

If you are in search of Grammarly discounts for students, then you must get familiar with the features of Grammarly. Take a quick look at the features –

  1. Checking of grammar – The most obvious and the first one, as the name suggests, is checking the grammar of the text with high accuracy.
  2. Integration with Google chrome – One of the best features of Grammarly is that it has Grammarly for Google chrome which checks your grammar across the internet, whenever you type something as it integrates with Google Chrome as well.
  3. Proofreads – It proofreads the text which you write for better editing and that too for free.
  4. Punctuation – It takes care of punctuation as well.
  5. Detection of plagiarism – It can be used as a tool to detect plagiarism, which is essential to work legally and keeping the ethics intact. It also keeps the data unique and authentic while maintaining the standards as well.
  6. Vocabulary enhancements by giving suggestions – Besides proofreading and checking the grammar, it also gives suggestions, which in turn enhances the vocabulary of the user. Now you can put aside all the hurdles for searching the meaning of a new word because Grammarly makes it convenient.
  7. 150 critical grammar and spelling check – It is a special algorithm designed to check over 150 critical spelling and grammar mistakes. The user interface system is simple and is really easy to use. It starts as soon as the user types and ends when the user stops writing, making it function smoothly. 
  8. Makes you a better writer – Grammarly not only proofreads, check grammar but also gives you suggestions to improve your writing skills. This results in improved writing abilities, which are useful for both the writer and the reader as well.
  9. Other features of Grammarly – There are many more features of Grammarly such as, checking your writing across different web portals, access your personal editor from, access the documents on multiple devices, integration Microsoft Office – windows only, lets you use native desktop apps like Windows or OS X, gives synonyms and definitions when you double click on a word, capture contextual grammar, and spelling mistakes, lets you add words to your own personal dictionary, you may also see explanations of some grammar rules, may even get status of performance via emails as well.
Get Grammarly Discount for Students | FREE Grammarly Students Students Discount
Get Grammarly Discount for Students | FREE Grammarly Students Students Discount

Hence, it can be clearly seen that Grammarly is a highly resourceful application if used optimally. It can make you explore a way more than just writing and correcting with its fully loaded functions to serve for every kind of user. 

Get Grammarly Discount for Students | FREE Grammarly Students Students Discount
Get Grammarly Discount for Students | FREE Grammarly Students Students Discount

There is more to it. Grammarly premium offers beyond the normal Grammarly features, which helps in ensuring that you write clear, professional, and engaging write-ups. The premium subscription offers a platform to elevate your writing skills.

Get Grammarly Discount for Students | FREE Grammarly Students Students Discount
Get Grammarly Discount for Students | FREE Grammarly Students Students Discount

Grammarly has a lot of variants to suit every type of user. These variants are also available on mobile devices as well. Few of them are: –

  • Grammarly for Microsoft Office as an add-in
  • Chrome web application which is similar to Google Docs
  • Grammarly Chrome plugin is the easiest option for the new users
  • Desktop application for Mac
  • Desktop application for Windows
  • Grammarly for Android
  • Grammarly for iOS

Is Buying a Grammarly Premium Useful?

Grammarly premium offers tremendous features that extend the basic facilities provided by the app Grammarly or Grammarly Chrome plugin. So, let us give a quick glance at the pros and cons of using a Grammarly premium subscription for a better understanding and deciding to use the same.


  1. The integration with Google Chrome highlights its benefits and tells that you do not need to look out for anything else when you need feedback.
  2. It gives extensive online knowledge and increases the base by the excellent performance of proofreading and checking grammar.
  3. Many of us are not comfortable to use English well. Grammarly is designed especially for such people to make them write well in English to reach a wider audience.
  4. Where the free version checks over 100 grammar rules, the premium will take into consideration a number as big as 400 different grammar rules while checking.
Get Grammarly Discount for Students | FREE Grammarly Students Students Discount
Get Grammarly Discount for Students | FREE Grammarly Students Students Discount


  1. The original rates for premium offers are quite high. (Which is why there are so many discount providers linked with Grammarly)
  2. Since it is a structured application, you may still need to proofread before finalizing the text as there may be a slight chance of mistakes.

Overall, Grammarly has helped a lot of students to enhance their writing abilities and customers to improve their vocabulary as well as grammar. This can certainly make writing more enjoyable and a fun learning experience.

Therefore, a premium would add the features of 100 plus additional advances spelling and grammar checks, vocabulary enhancement suggestions, genre-specific writing style checks, plagiarism detector, which checks over eight billion web pages in addition to the free feature of checking 150 critical spelling and grammar mistakes.

Also, being a premium member will allow you to access facilities like readability, vocabulary enhancement, etc. along with the free features of grammar check, spelling check, and checking the conciseness of the text. 

The monthly premium plan starts from $ 29 per month, quarterly of $ 19 per month (billed as a single payment of $ 59), and the annual plan is $ 11 per month (billed as a single payment of $ 139).

Reviews from Users of Premium Grammarly Subscription

Grammarly is reviewed on many platforms such as Reddit and others. Hundreds and thousands of students, writers, or bloggers give a rating to Grammarly. Many of them have said that their writing skills have boomed after using Grammarly. A company can also raise the client’s number by using Grammarly as it helps in building strong and professional content. Moreover, it makes you fall in love with your own writing, and you will enjoy writing as well. 

It is definitely worth the money you spend to buy a premium account, as said by one of the users. 

Many of the users who first used it on a trial basis, turn to a permanent user by purchasing the premium account subscription because of the working results and outcome. 

You will not regret to purchase a premium subscription of Grammarly as it is the lender of last resort for those who are weak in writing in English.

With these and many more reviews by various users across the globe are recommending others to use Grammarly to upgrade your writing potential. There is no login as to why you should not agree on buying the premium membership of Grammarly, especially on a discounted price for students who are more often engaged with writing projects.

So do not waste any more of your precious time in thinking and try the premium features of Grammarly as soon as possible. 

Want to Know How Grammarly Works? Read Further

It can be started by creating a free trial account. Grammarly will take you to an introductory tour and give details about the Grammarly Editor tool. 

The dashboard provides you with ample suggestions from which you can begin your writing or getting a write up checked. It gives you the keys to improve writing in a clear, concise, quick, and precise way.

Once you are infrequent use of Grammarly, it adapts to your writing style. The feedback can be adjusted as per your genre-specific style of writing, such as informal, formal, and so on. When you open a new document, you will have to set a goal according to your writing.

The goals can be set as per the following factors into consideration –

  1. Style – Informal or Formal
  2. Intent – What is the intention of your writing, to provide information, tell a story, or anything else
  3. Audience – Who is your target audience, whether it includes a general lot of people or an expert panel
  4. Domain – Business, Technical, Academic, etc.
  5. Emotion – what kind of emotion you wish to deliver to the target audience 

After you have finalized your goals of writing, Grammarly will build insights based on the given goals. Such insights can include –

  • Basic grammar check like correct use of active and passive voice, punctuation, wordiness, etc.
  • Accurate checking of spellings
  • A tool for vocabulary along with the score for readability
  • Estimations of reading time
  • Analysis of sentence structuring
  • Flesch reading level, which tells what level of education is required in a person to read your text easily, etc.

Time to use the tool –

While there are many methods to use the software of Grammarly, you can choose any of them without any technical know-how expertise. 

Here are the most frequently used ones: –

Method 1:

In this option, you can copy and paste the entire text, article. Book or extracts from your writing, which you wish to be checked by the tool. It can detect errors in grammar, spelling, etc.

Method 2:

If you wish to insert a document from Microsoft Word, then there is an option of Import in Grammarly, which integrates the document into the tool for checking.

Method 3:

Grammarly can also be used as our primary writing app. You can write in Grammarly, and as you write, it will give you suggestions to correct wherever necessary. The correction will only be taken up after you click on ‘Correct with Assistance’.

Method 4:

There is also an option for Windows users who can install Grammarly plugin on Microsoft Word and can help you detect errors as you type along on the word document. However, this plugin is not available for MS Word used in MacBook.  

FAQ on Grammarly Discount for Students

There are few doubts arising about the Grammarly app and various discount coupons for different sections of people.

What is the cost of Grammarly for students?

 Grammarly starts the range from costing $11.66 per month with an annual plan for students. However, there is always an option to get a discount through a particular website which you trust and rely upon. Even Grammarly is partnered with these kinds of discount providing platforms. So, do not worry about the fakeness, provided that you check the website for once.

Note: – All of your data will remain intact in the account, and it will be listed under free versions. In other words, a premium account will now be downgraded to free version without losing out on data. In any case, you wish to delete your free account also. Then you will need to click on the Delete button from the Account tab appearing on the left side of the page.

Is there any free subscription to Grammarly for students?

No! Grammarly does not offer any free subscription to students. However, you can still create a free account which will give you limited features to use. Wish to avail all the features of Grammarly for best results? Purchase a premium membership of Grammarly to enhance your student life. There are also options to avail discounts via various websites which are linked to the official Grammarly website as well. These discounts will help you save a lot of pennies. 

In a Nutshell on Grammarly Discount for Students

There is no doubt in saying that any kind of discount helps you save your hard-earned money. However, there must be a cautious awareness before relying upon a certain website which claims high discounts and is prone to frauds and hacks. So, you must check the website, its comments posted by the users, its authenticity, etc. before you decide on a particular Grammarly discounts for students. 

Also, many of the websites do provide real discount offers after taking a lot of effort into account, just for the benefit of the users and readers or anyone who uses Grammarly. Make sure that you avail the offer in the given and limited time as several discounts last only for a certain period of time. If, however, by any chance, you still miss the deadline, then you can contact the provider to update the link, and then you can get the Grammarly discounts for students. 

If you find any of the discount options suitable and beneficial, not only for, but for others also, then you must share and recommend the same to them so that the provider comes up with more discount offers. This will help in better proofreading of your written document or article and that too at a discounted price.

So, what are you waiting for? Put all your thoughts into words and let Grammarly lend you a helping hand in taking care of all the grammar problems. Now say goodbye to such issues and present your project with fluency. 

Go ahead and boost up your writing skills!