No: #1 Tempting Guide to Understand How does LifeCoin Work ?

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If you are in search of understanding the complete meaning of how does LifeCoin works, then you are on the right page. It is a mobile application that pays you while you walk. Every step can turn into earning some reward points. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, let us leave that up to you to decide that, to understand how does LifeCoin work . 

This guide will help you to receive a clear vision of how does LifeCoin work and what are its pros and cons. Reviews from multiple users across different locations will give you an insight into how does LifeCoin work and is the app worth downloading?

No: #1 Tempting Guide to Understand How does LifeCoin Work ?
No: #1 Tempting Guide to Understand How does LifeCoin Work ?

Brief Overview

The new decade is full of new technological advancements, which makes our lives easier and more convenient. Smartphones and the ongoing trend of developing various kinds of mobile applications are the major contributors to this advancement. From ordering everything and anything online to booking different things, establishing an online business, creating a social influence, etc. a lot has changed over time. 

There are applications that give you rewards by completing simple tasks. Also, there are several apps for earning rewards while maintaining your fitness as well. The numbers are rising at such an increasing rate, that it is difficult now to choose amongst the multiple options. 

This is the reason why we lend you a helping hand on understanding how does LifeCoin work so that you can make a definitive decision. It will also be easy to compare this LifeCoin app with other similar apps to select the better one, to understand how does LifeCoin work .

In our comprehensive guide about how does LifeCoin work, we will be covering all the aspects of the app, which can help you make your final decision. So, without any further ado, let us begin the explanation of how does LifeCoin work.

It is a fitness app that offers you to redeem for amazing prizes. It features popular retailers like Apple, Amazon, cosmetic products, PayPal gift cards, Lululemon gift cards, DJI spark drones, etc. it states that it regularly updates the reward prizes to check the user engagement.

It is a great option to turn your daily walks into a mining session. It allows you to collect life coins with every GPS confirmed step. The more you take the validated steps, the more you can earn. 

It also offers an opportunity to become an ambassador for life. If you wish to spread the joy of wellness and rewards, then you can enroll in the program of becoming an ambassador and earn even more. So sign up today to avail the best of the benefits from this fitness app, that is LifeCoin.

What Do You Mean by LifeCoin?

LifeCoin comes under the category of a fitness app that rewards its members on the basis of steps they take outdoors while hiking, running, or walking. This fitness app lets you track your outdoor movement and then converts the validated steps into currency in virtual terms, which is termed as ‘LifeCoin units’. Then, you can exchange these units or coins for receiving valuable rewards, to understand how does LifeCoin work .

The main vision of LifeCoin is the belief that everyone should be given facilities and access to the latest innovations in technology and health. The app and the creators strive to combine the power of AI and machine learning and provide the same in the hands of the customers and every individual. 

Azumio is the parent company of LifeCoin fitness app. It deals with Food AI and other AI solutions to provide unprecedented smart solutions to make healthy living more accessible and easier than ever before.

The other handles of Azumio are diabetes diet management and health tracking platform. Meal IQ helps users discover how their diet affects their BG. Azumio 360 is the app for the latter, which is a health-tracking system, which connects with the users to import their heart rate, sleep, food journals, activities, and lots more. Both the apps are easy to track, understand the meals you intake, food grades, CGM support, printable reports, sleep analysis, diabetes tracking, detailed fitness workout, bodyweight composition, etc. So, there are a plethora of options to choose from and avail the best of the facilities and make the best use of technological advancements. 

LifeCoin SDK is the app to inspire healthy behavior amongst its users with the technology of a blockchain-based rewards system. It has the following features –

  • Reward healthy behavior

The users are rewarded as they complete certain actions, based on which the coin limit is set. This incentive scheme is a great option to provide rewards for healthy behavior.

  • Custom rewards store

The users can avail the reward prizes by using their life coins to get products, gift cards, or even add your own customized reward in the list.

  • Simplified SDK integration

You can simply add SDK and specify what actions to reward.

  • Generate Ad revenue

You can easily use LifeCoin SDK to add Ad rewards for better performance quality to the application.

  • Drive daily retention and use

Add up your daily use LifeCoins and the rewards to motivate the users so that they use the app on a regular and continuous basis.  

The basic idea of how does LifeCoin work is to measure your footsteps and turn them into rewards of high value. This fitness app is best for those who prefer walking or have long hours of walking during the day. If you wish to enroll in a fitness program that involves extensive running or walking routine, then it is highly recommended to download this app, and you can make it up for its fees on your own! Amazing idea, right!

The important point to deem about this app is that this fitness app will not consider your indoor steps. It is a smart app to download in your smartphones so that you may use it smartly.

How Does LifeCoin Work?

To see its workings, procedures and to know how does LifeCoin work, you will need to install or download the app from Play store. It will ask you to confirm your mobile number for security and authentication formalities. When you download the app, you will need to enter your mobile number so that the app can send you a message with a text code. Next, you will have to enter the key in for confirming the number, to understand how does LifeCoin work .

After completing the registration formalities successfully, the fitness app is now ready to be used. 

The most interesting feature of this app is that it is a freely downloadable application. However, if you wish to earn better and greater rewards, you can purchase some of the premium features to unlock the same. It will help you earn more LifeCoin units. Let us take an example to learn how does LifeCoin work, if you wish to earn ten units of LifeCoin per day. Then you can pay for the premium features to enroll in the premium membership, ranging from USD 40 (approx.). You can also earn more with the referral programs of the application, to understand how does LifeCoin work . 

How Much Can You Earn Via LifeCoin?

After you have learned about how does LifeCoin work, the next point of discussion is the amount of money you can earn via this fitness app.

As it is stated in the earlier sections, LifeCoin gives you a reward in the form of LifeCoin units. Every unit of LifeCoin is validated by 1000 outdoor steps. As much is your movements in a day, so are your LifeCoin units and then ultimately the rewards. Therefore, the simple answer to how does LifeCoin work is, the more you walk, the more and better you will be rewarded. You are likely to receive a higher number of units if you increase your steps. 

There is an alternative answer to how does LifeCoin work, and that is by referring it to your family and friends. Each of your referrals to family or friends will reward you with at least 5 LifeCoin units. Remember that you will only be able to earn the units if each of the referral people signs up to the fitness app. Thus, to put in simpler words, your number of units of LifeCoin will increase with the increase in the referrals.

This was the working of LifeCoin, but aren’t we missing out on an important point? 

Yes, the next important aspect of how does the LifeCoin work, is the payment procedure and terms n conditions. Let us have a look at this aspect in our next section.

What Is the Payment Procedure of LifeCoin?

As we have noticed in the earlier sections, LifeCoin does not pay you directly in the form of currency. Instead, it provides you rewards according to your outdoor steps. These points can later be redeemed or credited as the virtual LifeCoin currency, which then can be exchanged for valuable prizes. 

The rewards which you may avail by exchanging your LifeCoin units include gift cards, discount codes, sporting items, beauty items, technological items (such as mobile phones, watches, headphones, etc.). 

The app keeps on adding new reward features to attract and retain its customers. As a result, the list of reward items keeps on increasing, offering a wide variety to choose from. Hence, you must regularly keep a check on the updated reward list to avail the best price offers, to understand how does LifeCoin work .

However, the rewards may sometimes be limited in the supply process as they are often processed on the foundation of first come first serve rule. In such situations, you must ensure to be quick in redeeming the units earned as soon as you feel so and, of course, after they reach the redeemable level to receive the best of the available items.

So, up till now, it is easy to understand the workings of LifeCoin. Let us take up the pros and cons to make it more visible.

What Are the Pros of Using LifeCoin App?

The app offers several advantages to its users. Some of them are as follows –

  1. It is easy to use with simple instructions to follow.
  2. It is a free downloadable fitness app.
  3. This app is helpful in motivating you to stay fit, healthy, and have a stable mindset.
  4. It offers redeemable rewards for your outdoor steps.
  5. It has an inbuilt feature of tracking, which automatically tracks the steps you take in outdoor, termed as ‘LifeCoin units’.
  6. These units can be redeemed in exchange for valuable prizes.
  7. When you share the referral codes to the other family members or friends, the app lets you track its movement so that you can keep a check on each other.
  8. It is a great tool to keep you focussed on your health and overall well being.
  9. The app also permits the transfer of coins to and from other users as well if you want to receive a quick redemption of prize.

What Are the Cons of Using LifeCoin App?

Besides offering various advantages, the app is still affected by some cons. Some of these are as follows –

  1. It consumes a heavy amount of your battery life as it requires continuous use of GPS when you are using the app. Thus, it is recommended that you charge your phone well before leaving your home in order to keep the track accurate.
  2. The app does not allow to earn from indoor steps or exercise, such as using a treadmill.

Are There Any Alternatives to LifeCoin?

The pros and cons are other aspects of LifeCoin workings, and so is the option of an alternative or similar apps like LifeCoin. 

One of the most competitive apps is of Sweatcoin. However, both are highly recommended to use. They have some similarities and differences as well. Let us have a look at the differences and similarities one by one.


  1. Both the apps provide redeemable rewards for those who use it in outdoor movements.
  2. These both the apps give you .95 units of reward per 1000 validated steps completed. 
  3. Both the apps have a set limit for a day of 5 units. However, you can upgrade anytime by becoming a member through paid premium packages.
  4. Both the apps are weak in terms of rewarding points as compared to other similar apps. However, premium members may receive higher units.
  5. Sweatcoin comes with various discount options that are highly exaggerated or would take years to reach that level. It also has some attractive discount options as well.
  6. Both the apps offer a bonus on signing up for the app and to watch a video. LifeCoin gives one coin per day, whereas Sweatcoin gives 7 coins in three days as a bonus streak.


  1. While both the apps offer to upgrade to higher versions, Sweatcoin provides you to accumulate more points in a day by charging in its own currency. Shaker, the next level, gives you 10 points per day just 4.75 costs of sweatcoins per month. (There are more levels, as you increase the level, the number of points will also increase)
  2. On the other hand, LifeCoin offers higher levels costing $10 (approx.) per month in US currency only and not in LifeCoins. This is the major point of difference between the two apps, which is concerned with upgradation.
  3. The other major difference is the method of counting steps inside and outside locations by the apps. The algorithm used in the apps reveals that LifeCoin gives better points and result as compared to Sweatcoins.

Therefore, you can keep both these apps if you wish to, or may choose one between them. It all depends upon your judgment for your health and fitness. To ease your task, we provide you with a few of the positive and negative reviews by the actual users of the app. Read on and build your thoughts with our next segment of reviews.

Reviews of LifeCoin App

There are both positive and negative reviews about the fitness LifeCoin app, which is a helpful aspect of making an informed decision about the product you are going to use.

So, let us take a brief overview of the negative and positive reviews in this section.

Positive reviews

  • A user says that it has a unique and sleek interface with easy steps of tracking the movement and check your progress. It makes physical activity a fun experience, which is really important for our health. But on the contrary point of view, some things are needed to be improved like providing a greater number of units per day. Also, the prices are very high for a few of the reward prize. It would take many years to get that prize. However, overall it is a phenomenal and highly recognized fitness app.
  • The other user is a photographer who walks everywhere to take pictures. He is using the app for a month and has completed 22 thousand steps. The suggestions he gives are the inclusion of PayPal so that the users can cash out via PayPal. Also, he suggests to include few gaming rewards for all those gaming freaks. The third suggestion is the same as before, which is to reduce the rewarding validated steps and include some new ones also. Otherwise, it is a great app to help you stay fit and in shape as well as reward me with points as I go out to take pictures. So, it is a win-win situation.
  • This fitness app is straightforward and has an easy interface to track exactly what it is meant for. They even show you how the app works, breaking down each of the steps involved. This user also suggests to reduce the timeframe of the reward or update them to shorter goals.
  • It motivates you to earn extra steps and also takes you a step forward to achieve a healthy lifestyle by providing exciting incentives. It has prompted us to wear a tracking watch to maximize the steps when one does not have mobile phones all the time. But they lack in prize selection, and coins needed are set on a very high limit. So, there needs to be prizes at varying coins collected.
  • It is an intriguing daily activity exercise app that allows users to redeem various rewards for the effort they put in. The design interface of the app is easy to use and browse whether you are managing your account, looking for LifeCoins you have earned so far, or wish to refer it to your friends or family members and look at the redemption awards. The quality of the rewards offered is really good, ranging from high valued products and gift cards from the most popular retailers. The only concern is the availability of these prices.
  • So far, this fitness app has been easy to use and operate. Getting started with your phone number might be a little frustrating task, but once all the registration is done, it functions like a breeze. However, it might not show the accurate steps you take outdoors in some mobile devices like Samsung. This is the only concern. Otherwise, it is a highly motivational supporting app to get you in shape. 

Negative reviews

  • This user is using the app for quite a few months and has accumulated 76 credits until now. But for the last few months, no points are provided, and all the walking steps are going under the ‘unverified’ area. The rare times when it does show ‘verified’ steps do not account for the credits either. The application is going downhill, and the other app developers say that they can not do anything about it.
  • You may need to reset your device and then log in to your LifeCoin account. This user had 1000 points in the account, but as soon as the login process began, the app stated that the number is invalid. When emailed the support team, they gave a reply that they apologize for the inconvenience, but they do not reset the individual’s account. The app is great, but if it neglects this issue, then there is no use of the credits earned so far.
  • This user also faces the same problem of unverified steps not being converted into units of validated steps. For example, if there are 5000 steps remained as unverified steps, and when you click ‘verify now’, the steps are not converted. It works well in the initial phase when you first download the app but later faces this technical issue. Also, it uses too much battery power. When you use the app in super active mode, it drains 20 % of your phone’s battery. Even when contacted to the support team of the app, they explained a few of the fixes but which do not resolve the problem. Since then, no further replies are given.
  • The app is quite unreliable. This user downloaded the app and used it for a month. In Spite of walking miles and thousands of steps, it only rewards you with unverified steps, few of which are not converted into points. The rewarding system is quite hiked up on a very high limit, which takes many years to achieve. 
  • The app worked well until this user uninstalled and then reinstalled the app, only to face the issue of invalid number. It says to try again but does not let you get past this step. It is the same number that was used for logging in every day when the app was initially installed.
  • Some of the users face issues with the app from day one relating to the refreshing steps and how many steps get actually converted. Moreover, to avail even the cheapest of the reward prize, it would take a minimum of 3.5 years to get to it if you are a premium member, and longer if you are not paying any price. Also, you are only allowed to get 10 points per day, which is a very low limit to get higher reward prices. There have been no updates in the app for ten months, which seems like the creators have given up for fixing several issues and only develop an app to receive a monthly payment to them. There are many other better alternatives than to use this app.

Concluding Thoughts

We have now come to the end of this guide with our concluding and wise words. By taking into consideration the aspects of how does LifeCoin work, you are good to proceed ahead, compare, and make a final decision to install the app or not. Now the onus is on you to decide upon the review, and that is possible only when you give it a try, to understand how does LifeCoin work. 

These apps are useful to turn your walking or running sessions into a money-making option. It is a great source of motivation that is needed in terms of fitness and health goals. 

The prime objective of this app is to motivate you to achieve a healthy life to sustain. Therefore, it is a combination of a motivator plus an app that lets you earn redeemable rewards. 

So, go ahead and install the app in your device to stay fit and live a healthy life, to understand how does LifeCoin work . 

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