UPDATED! How to Increase Instagram Followers | Get Free Insta followers Increase

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It is true that even if you spend every nanosecond of your day, there is so much content to consume of instagram that you cannot watch it. The data is enough to prove the fact that instagram holds 200 million active users who share 60 million images and 1.6 billion likes per day. You might have seen how everyone is striving hard on how to increase instagram followers. Everyone is trying to experiment with their content, come with a more engaging post.

You might at times heard the influencer on instagram or see brands sponsorship’s on instagram and wondered how does this all work? Firstly you need to understand that instagram is no more a photo-sharing platform. It has turned out to be with content creation, selling, generating leads, networking, etc. Today most of the audience is present on the leading social media platform instagram. So a major focus of any brands is to reach their audience. So they look for influencers who have a wide reach of the audience on their account who can promote their product.

Now the other question is how to become an influencer? To term influencer in general means to have influence or impact on someone’s life. So when you produce quality and engaging content, people follow you, which results in to increase in a number of audiences. Is it that easy to increase followers? It is a long way journey to reach a wide number of people for that you need to focus on various aspects. So in this complete article, we will help you understand how to increase instagram followers.

Use Creative Hashtags to increase instagram followers

If you ever open your twitter account and check the search option. You will be displayed with topmost hashtags of the day, i.e., #wewantjustice #india-Pak match. Hashtags are the trend that people promote to reach several people. Instagram also has the similar option where if you search for something, it will display you the content based on hashtags. So the next time when you post a picture doesn’t forget to add a hashtag. Try to be more creative with your hashtags so that they speak a part of your story. Be funny, ironic, and outrageous. Just don’t post any hashtag.

Wherever possible, try to use popular hashtags to be the pat of the conversation. For each post, utilize a blend of important and super-prevalent hashtags in any place you can.

The benefit of using extremely explicit is that they show real intent and assist you in reaching the right individuals. People generally search for posts related to top most hashtags, and with that, they might reach to your post. This strategy will help you reach the wider audience.

Instagram Bio

Whosoever is going to visit your Bio is going to land to your Bio. Try to be creative with your instagram Bio. Update your Bio as often you can with the latest URL Links and so on links of other social platforms. Instagram has an option where you can categorize your account as Blogger, creator, or business account. ADD me on Insta if your into Fashion 👇🏻

How to Increase Instagram Followers | Get Free Insta followers Increase
How to Increase Instagram Followers | Get Free Insta followers Increase

Be descriptive with your posts

The picture is worth the thousand words, yet you can’t avoid the words altogether. You have to be phenomenal at utilizing stories with Instagram photographs to produce commitment and sharing.

How to Increase Instagram Followers | Get Free Insta followers Increase
How to Increase Instagram Followers | Get Free Insta followers Increase

Like the other Instagram hacks I’ve included here, this is something you’ll need to focus on working into your procedure after some time. Don’t worry, even if it feels unusual from the outset. Your writing will improve as you discover your image’s Instagram voice.

Influencer marketing.

Visit the profiles of every individual you’ve recognized as an influencer in your space and “Turn On Post Notifications” to be told each time they share new content. You would then be able to collaborate with them normally and become one of their preferred individuals or brands.

Evacuate undesirable tagged photographs of you from your profile.

On the off chance that you just need to include the best client produced content about you or your image on your Instagram profile, you can. Presently, you can’t expel the tagged photographs from the site totally, by picking “Alter Tags,” choosing the ones you need to evacuate and picking “Escape Profile” (you may need to affirm). It works to increase instagram followers

Tagged photos on your profile.

Talking about giving you more noteworthy power over which tagged photographs show up on your profile, you can change your Instagram setting so tagged photographs won’t show except if you approve them first. You’ll locate this under “Options,” “Photographs of You,” and “Include Manually.”

Now the question is, why do you need to be creative with your tagged posts. The reason being someone who is visiting your profile may scroll through your tagged photos. You should set this up to avoid potentially embarrassing situations.

Instagram aesthetics.

Wondering how to increase instagram followers with aesthetics. Make your instagram speak for you. When you post something on your website, you try to stick to your niche Right. So does the same apply to the platform? Your Instagram profile should depict who you are. If you are a fashion influencer, try to post more fashion-related content if you are an entrepreneur, come with similar content. Likewise, instagram algorithms also understand who you are and may show your post in the top searches and increase instagram followers

Get Local to increase instagram followers

See what’s happening in a particular zone (say, your neighborhood, a city you’re focusing on promotions, or even an occasion in a specific area) by going through the search page and picking the Places tab. At that point, type for the sake of the spot to see all geotagged posts for that area.

Recollect your suggestions to take action!

You must understand what action do you want people to take most likely on your post. Do you need to have maximum likes or want them to share it in their stories? It depends on what desirable outcome do you want out for your post. It may be to generate more leads or ask people to sign up for your course or make a purchase for your swipe uplink.

Be creative with every post to increase instagram followers

Once you start discovering a little engagement on your profile, try to be more creative with your content. If you keep posting pictures, there will be a time where no one will bother about your content. So try to post pictures, videos, and funny content to keep the audience engaged. Also make use of all the features of instagram such as Live session, IGTV, Filters, Q&A, etc. to draw the attention of more people and increase instagram followers

Figure when to post your content

You might have witnessed that some of your content gets enough likes, and some don’t. Some of your videos get enough views and shares, and some not. It not just the quality of the content at times; the time of the post also affects its reachability. You need to figure when to post your content.

For this head to your insta profile and click the option actions. It will help you display the day and times when your audience is most active. Based on the insights post your forthcoming content.

Instagram Ads

Instagram also provides you with the option to promote your photos and content. In the initial phase, to get some recognition, you can use this option. Display ads of your best content to your target audience. We have a complete blog on how to make use of ads to increase instagram followers

When you target the right audience with these ads, it increases your chances of finding new followers.


Driving the audience on your Instagram profile is not just a one-time task; it is a long way to go. There is already a lot of content syncing on the internet. Try to be unique and create content that helps the audience to solve their problems or provide answers to their questions.

You might not see the number growing, but you have to be consistent to make yourself recognized so that people in your niche can follow you. Be genuine and build trust with your audience.

We hope this article was really helpful to give you insight on how to increase your instagram followers and turn your profile into the brand.

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