Learn Everything About How To Pin A Tweet | Pin Your & Others

Learn Everything About How To Pin A Tweet .Why to Pin? Which Tweet is Best to Pin , also make sure to also check out our post on UPDATED! How to Increase Instagram Followers | Get Free Insta followers Increase

Learn Everything About How To Pin A Tweet | Pin Your & Others Tweet
Learn Everything About How To Pin A Tweet | Pin Your & Others Tweet

In this guide, we will learn about how to pin a tweet for generating greater views and engage an increased number of audiences on Twitter. 

Twitter is the most familiar social media platform in this era of digital presence. In the increasingly competitive world, marketing is the biggest key to boost up the business revenue in all terms and aspects. Social media marketing is the latest entry into the methods of effective marketing, and twitter is the most popular one. 

Learn Everything About How To Pin A Tweet | Pin Your & Others Tweet
Learn Everything About How To Pin A Tweet | Pin Your & Others Tweet

Twitter is a platform to tweet your thoughts and share your ideas with a maximum number of people. It also allows for pinning a tweet, which is helpful for increased sales, traffic, and pay per clicks. 

So let us learn how to pin a tweet with the help of this article,on How To Pin A Tweet.

What Do You Mean By Pinning A Tweet?

Twitter has a feature to pin a tweet you wish to and makes it appear on the top of your profile. Imagine that you want to see a particular thing every day on top of everything else. So you decide to pin it up on your billboard for a reminder. Similarly, Twitter also allows you to do the same.

You can pin a tweet which you wish to be seen at the top of your profile. It can be related to anything and anyone, provided you give due credits to the original tweeter.

Here is a quick overview on how to pin a tweet –

  1. Login to the twitter account and select the tweet you wish to pin.
  2. Click on ‘pin to your profile page’ under the drop-down list.
  3. And that is all, the tweet will be pinned on top of your profile page.

Now the question is when you can decide to pin a tweet? Let us answer this too.

You can decide to pin a tweet under the following circumstances-

  1. When you receive recognition or award of some kind and wish to publicize it
  2. You want to share an interesting post, video, text, image, etc.
  3. When you wish to build an email list by giving access to a pdf file
  4. You wish to highlight your collaboration by working with a noteworthy person
  5. When you invite people to reach out to you, etc.

But why should you care about marketing and reaching out to people? You should care because it will give an insight into the followers’ belief, personality, environment, narcissism, and their existing relationship. The analysis of all this will help you to transform their thought process and influence them in a positive way. It is also a great tool to build your social proof, which is necessary to have a reputed brand image in the online social presence. 

How To Pin A Tweet In An Effective Manner?

Most of the frequent users may have used this feature, but have you succeeded in using it well?

If you have not, then don’t worry. We are here to answer how to pin a tweet in a more effective manner, which will certainly be helpful in better results.

There are a plethora of ways in which you can promote the marketing and branding via social media platforms. These are designed in such a way that every feature is beneficial in some way or the other, for marketing and promotional schemes for an online business.

So let us learn everything about how to pin a tweet and who can use this feature under their Twitter branding strategy for receiving more Twitter engagement, increase the number of followers and get more retweets and likes.

It will be a resourceful insight on how to pin a tweet in a better way possible.

How to pin a tweet via Twitter?

If you wish to pin a tweet, follow these guidelines on how to pin a tweet –

  1. First, open the Twitter account.
  2. Search for the tweet you wish to be pinned.
  3. You can see an inverted triangle on the top right corner side, click on it.
  4. Now you will see an option of ‘pin to your profile page,’ you need to select it.
  5. And you are all done.

This is the simplest way to put for how to pin a tweet to your profile page.

Can I Pin Someone Else’s Tweet? If So, Then How To Pin A Tweet?

In case you like a tweet of someone else, then you can pin it too. All you need is to follow these simple and easy steps to get your answer of how to pin a tweet –

  1. Navigate to the profile of the one you wish to pin a tweet.
  2. Search down to the tweet you wish to pin.
  3. You will see an inverted triangle on the top right corner, click on it.
  4. You will then see an option of Embed tweet, select it.
  5. The next popup will ask you whether you want to add media files too, tick or untick as per your choice.
  6. Scroll and get the raw content of the tweet, then copy everything you wish to pin, including any picture or media file.
  7. Go back to your profile and paste the copied tweet on your Twitter timeline.
  8. Now, you are done pinning someone else’s tweet.
  9. Do not forget to ensure giving due credits to the original tweet account and if the account user allows to retweet their tweets.

This completes another way of answering how to pin a tweet.

How Can One Pin A Retweet?

You can also pin a retweet. Here is how to pin a tweet which is retweeted –

  1. Navigate to the retweet you wish to pin.
  2. You will see an ellipsis symbol on the top right corner, click on it.
  3. Select on the ‘Embed’ button.
  4. The new overlay will appear, copy the text displayed on the screen, including the image or any media file.
  5. Paste the copied content to your twitter timeline and then follow the same process as required in pinning a tweet.
  6. This method is different from the rest as twitter does not permits to pin a retweet for the time being.
  7. Remember to give proper credits to the original twitter account.
  8. That is all. You are done pinning a retweet now.

How To Pin A Tweet Via The Mobile App Of Twitter (Android Or iPhone Device)?

Whether you use an iPhone or Android handset and have Twitter installed in it, then you can also pin a tweet via the mobile app. Here is how to do so –

  1. First, ensure that you are using an updated version of the mobile app, which allows the feature of pinning a tweet.
  2. Search the tweet which you wish to tweet.
  3. You can see an ellipsis symbol, click on it and then select ‘pin to my profile page’ option.
  4. That is all you need to do to pin a tweet via the mobile app irrespective of the device you use.

Can I Unpin A Pinned Tweet? If Yes, How? OR How To Delete A Pinned Tweet?

If you wish to unpin a tweet or decide to delete a tweet, then you can follow these steps to get rid off the tweet –

  1. Open your profile page on Twitter.
  2. You will see an ellipsis symbol on the top right corner, click on it.
  3. Then, select ‘unpin from profile page’ option.
  4. You are all done. The particular tweet is unpinned and deleted from your profile page.

How Can You Pin A Retweeted Tweet?

Follow these steps to pin a retweeted tweet –

  1. There are no settings to pin a retweet directly, but you can follow the further steps.
  2. Go to retweet settings, click on the link which takes you to the original post page.
  3. Now you will need to retweet it again but added with a comment.
  4. There is an option to pin this retweet as an original one by clicking the three dots and choosing ‘pin to your profile page’ option.

Why Should One Pin A Tweet To His Or Her Profile?

You may wonder as to why people retweet or pin a tweet to their profile page? Well, the answer is clear until now, as pinning a tweet increases the visibility of that particular tweet, which gives more shares, views, retweets, and a larger audience base. So here are some of the perks which are offered by pinning a tweet to your profile, which is not otherwise present in normal tweets –

  1. It increases the number of visitors, new to your profile as well the original twitter account from you have pinned the tweet.
  2. It captures the attention of visitors visiting your timeline and increases the chances of higher sharing and further retweets.
  3. The pinned tweet option allows you to send alerts or promote a blog post or any new and special offers. You can even showcase your own products as well.

What Are The Effective Ways To Use The Pinned Tweet?

This section deals with some of the innovative ways to use the pinned tweet feature in an effective manner. So let us take them one by one.

1.      Use your recent blog posts and showcase them further

It allows you to pin your own blog posts on your timeline to get the attention of any new visitor to your profile. It will be helpful to boost traffic to your posts as well as your profile.

2.      Pin-up the most popular post written by you

 Search your most popular posts of all times and pin it to your profile to gain appreciation from new followers also. You can continue to use this feature to maximize your reach and give a glance over your visitors about the popular and most loved blog post. You can also pin any of the guides to twitter, which you may have tweeted before.

3.      Pin a tweet regarding an affiliated product

If you wish to promote a product that is popular amongst people and also your followers, then you can use this platform and pin your products to your profile, which already has a good viewer base. This can also be a way to earn a penny via your Twitter account. Here is a pro tip – include the product link or the affiliated review link on your blog like the review of WPX hosting or Kinsta hosting review. This will be helpful to increase visitors and your credibility as you provide reviews to your visitors. By following this way, you can increase the chances two times to convert the followers into potential leads.

4.      Pin-up your own product

Do you sell any of the items online and wish to engage more traffic? Then you must definitely use this feature and pin-up your own product to your profile and boost the marketing process. Twitter analytics can help you in better analysis of the niche you can choose to pin the kind of product to capture the target audience.

5.      Pin the most liked tweet or the most retweeted tweet

If you are using Twitter for quite a long time and have a decent number of followers, then you can pin the most liked tweet or the most retweeted tweet to showcase to the newly added followers. This will have a greater influence on the people about your thoughts and ideas and a great way to woo your readers and show them your authority.

6.      Build your social proof sticky and loud

If you have a colossal set of followers or subscribers and high capability of influencing others, then you can use images that depict your social profile and its credibility. This will reflect the trust people have, not only on your twitter account but also on your business ideas or blogs. This will highlight your brand power and authority. It is certainly a great way to convert a visitor into a follower and the follower into a lead.

7.      The idea of pinning a testimonial

Twitter is surely a place where you can outshow your testimonials. To speed up the overall working process, you can add images or videos to your testimonials, which are highly effective in influencing people of different sections.

8.      Offer a service? Pin it up

If you are good at providing different services like freelance writing, web designing, etc. then you can pin the same to your twitter profile to gain a number of clients. You can use the platform of Twitter for advertising and promoting your services and also including the previous work done to build trust upon the leads. A sticky tweet can act as a billboard or hoarding to catalyze the marketing process.

9.      Pin customer care information and contact details

You can also pin customer care information and contact details through which the visitors can quickly get in touch and avail of your services. If you are a well-established brand, you must definitely pin these up to foster a prompt connection with your customers. Xbox and Hubspot are a few of the examples who have taken this up in their respective profiles. So you can try it out too.

10.  Looking to hire? Pin the concerned advertisement 

Choose the platform of Twitter to announce the need for hiring or increasing your staff or building up a team. Pin it up, and you will see thousands of people approaching you for the requested roles. Here is a pro tip – research has stated that people retweet more when they are prompted to do so. So you can request your followers to retweet your tweet to increase the reach even more.

11.  Influencing customers positively? Pin it up too

If you have any of a case study that depicts your influencing abilities in a positive way, then there is no harm in pinning it up and showcasing the same. It will leave a positive impact on your business and will highlight the influence you create on people. Add some images or videos to display how you inspire readers and let it stay on the top of your twitter handle.

12.  Pin-up positive quotes

Imagine seeing a positive quote the first thing in the morning. It will surely make your day to be a positive one. Therefore, nothing is better than to spread positivity. Blogs and brands like Foundr have emerged as the most favorite amongst tweeples which uses custom images in large quantities.

13.  Collect emails from followers using twitter cards

You can use twitter cards to collect emails from your followers. For instance, Buffer collected around 182 emails from subscribers via twitter cards. You can also use this technique to generate higher leads. 

Twitter cards allow your followers to sign up for your email list directly from the tweet without the need to leave the social media platform. It is a handy and easy tip, which is a must use for those who use a list.

14.  Have a tweet of interaction with an influencer? Pin it up too

There must have instances when you have tweeted something, and an influencer retweets the same. When an influencer features you with your own tweets, then it helps in receiving more traffic to your profile and that particular post. You can also use this technique to enhance the image as a social media enthusiast or show any of your skills.

15.  Want your followers to land to the page you want? Why not pin it up

Showcase the URL of the page you wish your followers to land on. Use this pinned tweet to funnel the leads onto a page where you can turn them into a subscriber or sell them something worthy of their value.

16.  Use sticky tweets to promote your upcoming event

There are lots of events that happen during a period of time across different locations. Therefore, it needs proper advertising and marketing strategy, and Twitter can always help you with the same. Use sticker tweets to promote upcoming events to capture more eyeballs. Do not forget to highlight the details of the event.

17.  Pin-up a thought-provoking question

If you have a decent follower base, then you can put up questions that make people think deeper into the stated matter and voice their opinion. Moreover, puzzles and questions are a great way to boost engagement rates. 

18.  Conduct a survey or a poll

Besides puzzles and questions, you can also put up a survey or a poll to get different opinions from different sections of people. Pin it up to engage people in an interesting manner and channelize the results into something resourceful.

19.  Show transparent and your personal self

Pin the genuine posts or tweets which reflect the way you are. This will build up trust and increase the transparency of your business and you as an individual as well. You can pin images or videos showing your office or workplace or give an insight into your working environment. Open up possibilities to interact with the followers and enjoy a fun and relaxing moment.

Final Thoughts

You can experiment and find your key to success by using any of the methods to utilize the feature of pinning a tweet. You can try trendy hashtags and increase the lifespan or use an animated GIF for a wider reach. The end result of all such techniques must be aimed at better outcomes. This is definitely a great way to engage more people, increase sales, and generate higher clicks, which will ultimately reflect your overall performance of the business.

So the key takeaways are making it easier and better for followers, establishing a good relationship with them, increase the odds of success, position yourself as the top authority, and not overcomplicating things to an extent where it is difficult to resolve.

Now that you have learned a different aspect of pinning a tweet, you are good to proceed and implement the learning. It is your turn to absorb what we have learned today and create your own tweet worth pinning. It is surely a quick way to highlight your authority and open new doors for you. 

Make sure to share your experience on twitter.

So go ahead and start experimenting without wasting any more time. 

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