How to Start a Blog to Make $9999+ Monthly for the next Decade 2020-2030

Is it true? Can you Generate $9999+ Monthly for the next decade 2020-2030? Yes, you can generate 5 figure income Month after Month not in just year 2020 but This Magic formula works decades. In just 2-3 years you can become millionaire..

I’ll show you step-by-step how to start a wordpress blog for 2020 and Later and give you a one-size-fits-all approach I’ll show you the fundamentals and give you the resources you’ll need to create the exact type of blog you’re looking for.

Whether you want to start a fashion blogs something like this or a travel blog, maybe even a lifestyle blog or a food blogs and cooking blog or any blog for that matter in this blogs.

I’ll show you How to Start a Blog Step by Step for this article we’ll go and create this exact blog here like DigitalSirji, but more importantly, I’ll teach you the process for building any of the blog’s we featured before the WordPress themes for which can be found on the internet.

I will be teaching you the fundamentals of setting up a WordPress blog and give you the resources you need to put together the exact blog, me having built hundreds of WordPress websites and blogs for clients ranging from $1500 to tens of thousands of dollars. I can walk you through best practices and help you avoid the common mistakes that beginners often make while creating a Blog. 

So if that sounds good, then let’s get into our How to Start a WordPress Blog in 3 Steps! Okay, so there are two types of WordPress blogs A Self Hosted one, (often referred to as and a WordPress hosted option referred to as which is limited in functionality and design as it restricts access to certain themes and plugins for this reason most bloggers will choose a self-hosted option and in this article I’ll go through the steps involved in setting up a self-hosted WordPress blog this video is intended for beginners and those who may have some experience with WordPress.

 I’ll focus on is the process of setting up a WordPress blog step by step to take you from zero to a complete heroin 3 Simple Steps.

Okay so in this blog post I will cover How to register your domainSet Up Hosting for your blog, Install WordPress and Get your Blog Running will go through an overview of WordPress to make sure you’re comfortable with the platform will look at choosing and uploading a WordPress theme and finally customizing your WordPress blog to Perfection. 

What is a Domain (Web Address) ?

Let’s get started to register your domain for your blog your domain often referred to as your URL is the web address for your website or blog it’s what users will type into their browsers to access your blog for good the domain is! or as here..

How to Start a Blog & Make Money | Start a WordPress Blog
How to Start Blogging & Make Money | Start WordPress Blogging

It’s an ideal idea to pick something that’s relevant and memorable. And if you were wondering…

What is Hosting?

It is the Storage that’s allows your blog content to be accessible to users around the world or (for nerds) web hosting refers to the process of storing the content and data for your blog on a web server when someone visits your blog that content is then made available or served to your blog visitors on-demand 24/7. 

I Highly Recommend you to use BlueHost because of 2 reasons. One is that it’s the Best We have ever tried and has the Most Positive Reviews and beats any other hosting services. Secondly its the one we’ll use for this tutorial as they’re really easy to use reliable and incredibly affordable at around five to ten dollars per month and we can go hand in hand (Get discount + hosting + free domain name).

We highly recommend buying a top-level domain such as dot com or dot org or dot (your country code) purchase those domains through a reliable domain registrar like Get it Free with Hosting from BlueHost or Paid from GoDaddy.

We’ll get started on the first two steps together which is registering your domain and setting up hosting for your blog as well as installing WordPress so to do this follow the this link (Get discount + hosting + free domain name) and the cool thing is you get a 30 day money back guarantee on either plan so you can get going risk-free for this example. 

Registering the Domain (your Blog Address)

Once you clicked on any of the links you will be treated with the beautiful Page and with a Crazy Discount. Click on Get Started

How to Start a Blog & Make Money | Start a WordPress Blog

Selecting Hosting Plan for your Blog

It’s Really quite Simple if you Wish to make only 1 Website you can Go Ahead with the Basic Plan (without Free Domain). I recommend the Plus or Choice Plus Plan as to get a Crazy Discount + A Ton of FREE Services + FREE Domain all for 1 Whole Year!!.

I’ll go with the middle option to get your free domain name you’ll enter the desired domain name for your blog in the new domain field select the domain extension.

For example I choose and hit next.

How to Start a Blog & Make Money | Start a WordPress Blog

If the domain name isn’t available you’ll get an error message and will need to either select an alternative domain name try contacting the owner of that domain to purchase it from them or select another top-level domain extension if you’ve already purchased your domain name enter the domain in the transferred domain fill and select next

Add your Credentials and Register

Now add in your credentials. I recommend selecting the domain privacy protection so that your personal information isn’t associated with your domain and publicly available. This is optional, of course, once you’ve entered the required information. Add your payment details, review the Terms and select submit.

If your prompted to sign up to something like this just click on “No Thanks

How to Start a Blog & Make Money | Start a WordPress Blog

Once you have completed that done that you’ll be taken to this page here you’ll have been sent a confirmation email to the designated email address on the account.

Verify your Email Address

Now you will need to create a password for your hosting account to do that click on create your password make sure to pick a secure password you could use the suggest password tool to help you with this once you’ve entered in your password review the Terms of Use and select Next.

Create a Strong Password

How to Start a Blog & Make Money | Start a WordPress Blog

You’ll then be able to login to your Bluehost dashboard as part of the new Bluehost offering WordPress will automatically be installed on your new domain if you’ve registered your domain elsewhere you’ll need to amend the DNS records to point at Bluehost and install WordPress using the Bluehost one-click WordPress install. 

Start Building your WordPress Site

Click the start building. This will prompt a guided tour in which you can choose the theme you like the most, and you will be redirected to your WordPress Installation!!

Pick a WordPress Theme for your Blog

How to Start a Blog & Make Money | Start a WordPress Blog

After you select your Theme (Can be Customized Later)

Access your Blog’s Dashboard

You will be redirected to your WordPress Dashboard, which look something like this..

How to Start a Blog & Make Money | Start a WordPress Blog

How Navigate to the top left corner of your Blog’s WordPress DashBoard and hover over your Blog’s Name, you would see something like “Visit Site“, Click on it!!

View your Very First Blog

Now a New Tab will open to View your Very First Awesome New Blog!!. Sometimes it takes a while, After a few mins if I enter my domain name, I’ll see that WordPress is now installed. Congratulations, you officially have a blog!! 

Create Your First Blog Post

How to Start a Blog & Make Money | Start a WordPress Blog

Head on to Posts and Add New to Create a new Blog Post. If you wanna know how to Rank on Google with On Page SEO check out more of our Articles!.

Log In Back to WordPress DashBoard

Whenever you want to log into the backend of your blog add forward slash WP-admin to the end of your domain, and it will take you to the login page for your website so for my example domain of I would go to your website homepage forward slash WP-admin and enter my login details for your blog use the login credentials that you’ve just set up in the prior step to access the backend of your blog and Click Log in