How to Use SquareSpace? Create a Website with SquareSpace

Hey guys, How to Use SquareSpace I love to start space because it makes building your own website blogging and updating it yourself so simple and made my tech life so much easier. But Creating a Website with WordPress is Much Better

Here’s a little about Squarespace, Inc. is a private American organization, situated in New York City, that gives programming as a support of site assembling and facilitating. Its clients use pre-constructed site layouts and simplified components to make website pages.

Anthony Casalena created Squarespace as a blog-facilitating administration while going to the University of Maryland. He established it as an organization in 2004, and was its solitary worker until 2006, when it came to $1 million in income. The organization developed from 30 workers in 2010 to 550 by 2015. By 2014, it raised an aggregate of $78.5 million in investment; included online business devices, area name administrations, and examination; and supplanted its coding backend with intuitive highlights.

Step 1: Alright, so to get started you’re going to go to

How to Use SquareSpace? Create a Website with SquareSpace
How to Sign Up for SquareSpace

Then you’re going to click get started and you’re going to, create an account so there is a free 14-day trial so you can try it out and make sure that you love it after that it’s about twelve dollars a month and includes your template and all of your hosting so you do not need to connect it to an outside company like you would with WordPress.

Step 2 : Select your Website Category

Choose a Category for your Website on SquareSpace

Obviously you can skip this step, but if this is your first time designing your website then, you can choose your the area of which your site operates as this helps squarespace better understand your intended result and suggests options based on it

Set a Goal for your Website on SquareSpace

This is use to know the kind of website you want to build with squarespace. Like you want a community like quora, or a simple blog, or an ecommerce store with woocommerce

Step 3 : Fill in your Credentials

Fill in your Details to Setup SquareSpace

So just fill in your name and your email address create a password and agree to the Terms of Service and then click sign up.

Step 4 : Select your Template

Choose a SquareSpace Tempelate

So the next thing that you’re going to do is select a template every single one of them is simple and modern so this is really going to help you look professional even if you’re DIY your site don’t worry too much about what template you choose these are all just starting points and you can easily test different templates before deciding on one also keep in mind there is a lot of flexibility in terms of the pages you can create in any template. so I’m going to go ahead and select some to start so I’m just going to hover over it and click start with NOLL.

Step 5 : Customise your Website

How to Customise a SquareSpace Site

Anytime that you want to edit the actual content of your site so the text or the images you’re going to want to make sure that you click on pages now you’ll see that there is all of this demo content in which is what you’re currently seeing on the template but we’re going to start with a blank page.

How to Create a Page on SquareSpace

So you’re going to click the plus sign right here next to main navigation and then you’re going to select page and let’s title this let’s say we’re working on our about page now you’ll see that there are all these starter layouts which give you a great starting point for your page.

But for now I’m going to start with a blank one so that I can show you how it works so you’ll just click start editing.

Step 5 : How to use Squarespace Blocks

And now the most important thing to understand about Squarespace is that it works in blocks so you can add any type of content that you want using this little gray teardrop shape so if I hover over to the left this great teardrop shape will appear and if I click on this you’ll see all the different types of content that I could add to my site.

How to use SquareSpace Blocks

So for example I could add text images videos or buttons and so much more so if I wanted to add in some text I would just click on that it’s going to bring up a box and that is where I can write my message.

How to use SquareSpace Block to insert image

And if I want to add an image. I would find that teardrop shape again click image add an image and insert one in there I’m going to click apply.

How to use SquareSpace Block to insert button

Let’s say I wanted to add in a button I would find my teardrop shape select button and it’s automatically going to insert a button for me. And if I wanted to change the text I could do that here okay click apply.

Step 6 : How to delete Block in SquareSpace?

How to delete SquareSpace Block

Anytime you want to delete a block all you have to do is hover over it and you’ll see this trash can icon appear just click on that click yes. And save so as you can see we were able to create a page super easily and quick alright so now with that, we are Done! this was the complete guide on How to use SquareSpace to How to Setup a Website on SquareSpace.

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