I Bought A Domain Name Now What? Kickstart Your Blogging

If you are stuck with the dilemma – ‘I bought a domain name now what?’, then you are on the right page to find an answer. Buying a domain name is the first step to begin your blogging journey. And in this journey, we are here to lend you a helping hand to solve all your confusion – ‘I bought a domain name now what?’

Brief Overview

Read this informative article to decide upon the next niche which must be focussed after purchasing a domain name.

Many of the people come across the question of ‘i bought a domain name, now what?’. You need not be worried even if you are a fresher or a newbie in this area. People who do not have any technical experience before can also understand what to do next after purchasing a domain name and start your blogging journey.

This comprehensive guide will help you provide a clear picture of the dilemma – ‘i bought a domain name now what?’. It will be helpful to get an exposure to the technical functionalities and the necessary steps to be taken when you have the domain in your access.

The first and foremost thing is to know about the meaning of a domain name. When you purchase a domain name, the service provider will give you a unique IP address which is the source by which every user and their networks will be able to connect with your domain name.

You can also consider creating a professional email in the name of your domain. This will give you a high window which will open doors to earn more credibility for your business and brands. When you have a website in your own domain name, it is one of the best methods to start your blogging or any kind of online business journey.

It is amongst the perfect options even for your career to be set under your own control. So let us see how a domain name can be used to enhance the opportunities for your career.

Let us highlight some of the points to answer your question -‘I bought a domain name now what?’

I Bought A Domain Name Now What?

Have a look at these points to get the answer for ‘I bought a domain name now what?’

Obtain A Web Hosting Service For Your Domain Name

When you have bought a domain name, the next step is to answer whether or not you like to set up a website on that name. If you want to create a website to start your blogging journey, then you will require a web hosting service to launch your website.
If you are a newbie in this field of industry, you will need to know about some of the hosting service providers which can be used to create an effective website for your blogging.
There are a number of recommended websites that offer free web hosting services. However, instead of going through another comprehensive list of viewing the best options of web hosting service which might also hamper the performance of your website, it is better to try Siteground.

What do you mean by Siteground?

If you are in search of an amazing web hosting service provider that gives you fast speed, then you can opt for Siteground. Siteground comes with ultra blazing speed and a 24×7 Guru supporting team to assist you anytime and every time you need any kind of help. Siteground is highly recommended even by the pro bloggers and WordPress.
So if you wish to avail the service of Siteground, then you can go through these steps-
– Go to the website home page and lookout for the best suitable plan. The available plans range from Startup, GoBig and GoGeek package. If you want to start a new blog then you can try to go with the Startup plan, as the name also suggests. However, if you already have an experience in handling a domain name, then you can go for GoBig or GoGeek plan as per your traffic on the blog posts.
– Enter your domain name (you need to click on ‘i already have a domain name’ then enter your domain name to proceed ahead).
– Fill in your account information as asked in the next slide (you will be required to set a password for your account, so make sure that it is easy to remember).
– Enter the details about your credit card in order to purchase hosting from Siteground.
– Click on the confirm button to agree to the terms and conditions.
And that is it, you are now ready to carry on with your domain name.
There are other methods to get a web host for your domain name. You can consider connecting the domain name with hosting.
If you have already installed Siteground web hosting services, then you can skip this section. But if you are looking for more effective ways of web hosting, then you can carry on reading.
If you have purchased two or more domain names, then it is necessary to connect them with each other. In order to do so, you can install WordPress for your website or blog.
You can also opt to connect your GoDaddy account with the Siteground service provider. Here are the steps which need to be followed for the same –
– The first step is to log in to your GoDaddy account.
– Navigate to the domain manager section and click on Manage My Domains button.
– Here you need to select a domain which you want to be pinned or move to Siteground.
– Now you need to launch the Domain Manager.
– Click on Manage under the Name server tab and select the type of name server as custom.
– Change the name server to refer to the Siteground name server and add the required names at the same time = ns1.sgp92.siteground.asia, ns2.sgp92.siteground.asia
– The last step is to save. Now the domain name points to the Siteground hosting service provider.
It will hardly take 15 minutes to process and four hours to reflect on a global level. After finishing this step, you can install WordPress on your website domain name. All you need is to go to your account and look out for the option to do the same.
Once you have set up WordPress, you can begin by logging into your account with proper credentials to access the further steps to proceed with the blogging journey.

Install Premium Themes From WordPress

The other way to answer – I bought a domain name now what?, is to install premium themes from WordPress. It is a resourceful tool with tons of features that are free and are designed according to the customers. The themes are preferred by most of the website developers and bloggers as well.
It has a plethora of free themes available to suit all terms and conditions of customers. However, it also comes with various premium versions which are economical. A premium WordPress theme is specifically designed for website developers who are in search to boost their business by paying more for more advanced features.
Here are some of the reasons which can be looked upon before purchasing a premium feature from WordPress –

– The quality offered by WordPress themes =

If you want to make your website look unique and stand out from the rest with the use of free WordPress themes available, then maybe you can not get the desired results. The reason behind this is that these freely available themes are used by a huge number of people belonging to the same community. A number of web designers and bloggers tend to use a theme amongst these freely available themes. Therefore, it will not be impactful to set a unique or different theme for your website.
The premium version is therefore made to meet the fast-changing needs of today’s web standards. It is designed with keeping the latest trends and current web standards in mind. So you need not worry about going out of date or trend if you go for purchasing a premium WordPress theme.
Any of the blogs or websites are termed successful only when they are responsive and accessible in any device. These premium WordPress themes are specifically designed to be as responsive as they could to work in any device.
If you go for the free themes of WordPress, then you must not expect great quality or design to match the level of the paid premium versions. Otherwise, there will be no difference left with the free and a paid theme.

– Provides 24×7 support =

If you choose a premium WordPress theme then you can be assured of unlimited access and a constant support system that is available round the clock. However, in a free version, no developer will be available to be accessible every time you are in need of. On the other hand, the premium designers will help you in the functions or the customization part with supreme support. It will be worth the cost that you have spent when all your queries will be answered.
The premium WordPress themes are responsive and proactive which are the essential qualities to look out for in any business. It will help you to sort out things in a quick and swift manner without wasting any of your precious time.

– It is up to date =

This is the main point of difference between the free and paid premium theme of WordPress. It will stand the test of time as it is regularly updated which can not be availed in the free version of themes.
Some of the recommended premium themes of WordPress are as follows –
– Astra Pro theme = it can be used to affiliate blogs and has similar features as that of Generate Pass. This theme can easily be customized with the help of Elementor.
– Schema theme = Schema theme is brought to you by MyThemeShop. It is easy to customize and also has a Google search engine optimization tool which contributes to the main advantages.
– Generate Pass theme = It is one of the most lightweight themes of WordPress which is easy to customize. The size of this premium theme is less than 40Kb which is the reason for being lightweight.

Create Your Own Professional Email Address

To clear the confusion about ‘i bought a domain name now what’, you can create your own email address to use in a professional manner.
A professional email address lets you create your company name to be used as the domain name instead of using those general domain names such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, etc. when you create your own professional email address and connect it with your company name, it paves the way for better and effective branding and promotion of the business or blog.
For example, if a person named XYZ wants to create own email address on Gmail, the ideal name would be XYZ@gmail.com. But there will be a huge number of profiles using the same name, thus the person will not be able to use this email address.
To make an account, the person will now have to insert numbers or characters in the email address to make it different from the rest, making it complicated. This leads to the case where the person tends to forget the email address.
In order to avoid these types of situations, you can personalize the email address professionally by using your own domain. For instance, XYZ can create an email address as XYZ@digitalsirji.com.
This provides more credibility, flexibility, and reliability to your business or blogs to both the user and the visitor as well.
Here are some of the benefits which will help you come out of the dilemma of ‘i bought a domain name now what’ –

– Creating a brand name =

When you create your own professional email address, it increases the brand name and is reflected in the communications done with the customers. It is a highly influential method for brand recognition to help gain more trust from the visitors on the website.

– Gives a unique touch =

When you are about to start your blogging journey, you need to present your content in a different and unique manner. By adding your own email address, you can solve this purpose. It is a great tool for marketing as well. It is easy to create and does not require much time to invest.

– It is an efficient way to show professionalism:

The visitors find it genuine and authentic which builds strong business communication. A short, professional and personalized email address gives more emphasis on your business idea.

Redirect Your Domain Name To An E-Commerce Website Or Social Media

There is no doubt in saying that there has been a tremendous increase in creating a presence on social media for the last few years. By redirecting your domain name to an e-commerce website or a social media platform, you can help resolve the confusion of ‘i bought a domain name now what’. Thus, it will give higher results if you tap the benefits and the powers of social media and its influence. It is the latest promotional strategy for online businesses.
Web forwarding is also a similar concept like that of forwarding an email. In the world of cyber presence, this simple plan of action can be fruitful to kickstart your blogging journey.

Create A Standalone Landing Page

To clear the dilemma of ‘i bought a domain name now what’, you can create a standalone landing page. It is a welcome page or homepage which encourages the visitors to go forward to visit more web pages. An ideal landing page must be developed and designed keeping the goals and targets of the business in mind. It is a valuable and powerful marketing tool to impact direct sales, lead generation and create a strong client relationship.

Make A Private Personal Blog

When you are still wondering about ‘i bought a domain name, now what’, then you can consider creating a private personal blog. There is a countess space on the Internet to share your views, ideas, experiences, thoughts etc. with each other. When you create a personal blog, you can gain a clearer decision-making ability which in turn will benefit your website and business. You can add some personal information about yourself to give an informal touch, add links to different social media account or handles on your personal blog to engage more audience and ensure that you choose a perfect blog post format for personal blogs.   

Some Concluding Words

After going through the complete comprehensive information, you can now get an answer for ‘i bought a domain name now what’. Although there are many more ways and procedures which can be used to kickstart your blogging journey, in the end, it all depends upon you to decide one amongst them.

So go ahead and create some amazing blog posts with your domain name.

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