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On Page SEO (Tips/Tricks) with Live Examples !! Best On Page SEO Tools

Hey DigitalSirji Fans, as you know we have only 1 mission and that’s to Help you make Money Make Online. As you know, you can Make a Website in 10 Mins!! getting people to the website is the harder part. And to get people from Google you need to rank your Article where On Page SEO comes into picture.

We have written this post to try and help new business owners and bloggers understand the basics of SEO and to stop them from being fooled by some companies who will charge thousands to rank a site.

Don’t get me wrong, there are legitimate SEO companies who do an excellent job, but most of them are still using old black hat SEO methods.

There are some simple changes you can make to radically improve your site’s SEO ranking and performance.

Website performance (speed) is now a part of good SEO ranking, and we cover this later.

SEO is not that hard. The reason people fail with SEO is that they don’t
see immediate results. They expect improvements overnight or a week after buying/doing a bunch of backlinks.

If people don’t see results quickly enough, they tend to give up and move onto the next thing.

If you are targeting a competitive keyword or keyword phrase, then it can take much longer to rank your site on page one of a search engine. Remember, other people, are targeting the same keywords as you.

To clarify:

  • On-page SEO ( page titles, description, images, etc.)
  • Off-page SEO (Link building, article marketing, social bookmarking, etc.)

When a search engine finds your site, you want the On-Page SEO to be at it’s best, so the search engine can index all of your content and compare it to other websites. The following are the steps and guideline for the proper On Page SEO Tips & Tricks

On Page SEO Tips and Tricks

Unique Domains

Having your keyword in your domain name has been proven to quickly outrank many others sites. So if possible buy a domain with your keyword but also appreciate that having a domain name just for one keyword can be a little stupid and not make business sense. If you are building a real business and not an affiliate site then use a domain that matches your business or company niche.

On Page SEO (Tips/Tricks) with Live Examples !! Best On Page SEO Tools
On Page SEO (Tips/Tricks) with Live Examples !! Best On Page SEO Tools

For Example if your making posts around Helping Desi in USA then people obviously search for something like site for helping desi USA. So buying a domain with the keyword Helping or Desi helps you get a Boost in SEO

SEO Friendly URL

Search Engine Friendly URL or Keyword Rich URL. This is the actual URL of each page. When creating your posts or article, try and use the keyword for the On Page SEO.

On Page SEO (Tips/Tricks) with Live Examples !! Best On Page SEO Tools
On Pages SEO (Tips/Tricks) with Live Examples !! Best On Page SEO Tools

For Example https://helpingdesi.com/semrush-black-friday-deal-offer/ As you can see we have targeted the keywords referring to The Best SEO Tool  known to ManKind, one of the most used and most powerful tool for On Page SEO + Off Page SEO + Content Analysing + Blacklink Analyzing + Keyword Research which is SEMRush👇🏻.  Pay attention that we have used the Keywords we are targeting in URL which are “SEMRush” , “black friday”, “Deal offer”.


Page Title , Post Title & Meta Description

On Page SEO (Tips/Tricks) with Live Examples !! Best On Page SEO Tools
SEO (Tips/Tricks) with Live Examples !! Best On Page Search Engine Tools

Adding the page title, post title and meta description is so easy and yet such an effective On Page SEO Tip n Trick too ,however many people miss this key point out. One of the first things that Google will read is the page title so you must have your keywords in there. The page title can be the same as the URL if you want but it must contain your keyword to boost your ranking for that term for 100% effective OnPage SEO.

Keyword Decoration  

Keyword is the most important phase in ranking your website. So again … you NEED SEMRush.


When using your primary keyword or keyword phrase, highlight the word with Bold/Strong, Underline, Italic. Google will look at text decoration within the page content. We want them to know what keywords are used so this is why we decorate them. Make a point of making your keywords stand out. Personally I feel this can’t have a huge factor on SEO but even if it plays a small part towards ranking your pages higher, then why not do it. If parts of your text stand out and grab the reader’s attention then this may keep the reader on your page for longer.

Live Example 2: (Workshop for you):

Let me explain you in the details that how you can get ranked in google without spending energy and time for Off Page SEO:

Step 1 : I applied partnership for Sling TV and got approved. 

Step2 : Now I need to promote Sling TV either via personal reach, social media or by doing top rank in google. 

Personal reach: I have approx. 2000 people reach in USA and 10% may take Sling from me but how can I promote this as large scale. SO next comes as Social Media.

Social Media: I can promote Sling in different Facebook and Whatsapp groups but I wont do to much else people may feel that I am spamming their group.  

In both of method is example of Out bound marketing where I am reaching (helping) people for subscription. As human nature sometime we may feel that what people will think if I approach them for sling subscription. Then what is the other or best method. So let me reveal now the best method is Inbound Marketing where your target audience will come for buying only. And then best way to get Inbound marketing is by Getting top rank in Google on the “keywords” which people search more.

Get top rank in Google: This will be very interesting. Now I need to get keyword where people search a lot in google but no quality contents are available. This is called less keyword difficulty. 

Tools used for Keyword research and Images: We used free tool (Ubersuggest) and paid (Ashref, keyword finder- Free 10 days) tools to find keyword difficulty and also how many people is search this keyword in google in a month. 

After doing research with 5-6 keywords (Keywords name) we find perfect keywords “Sling TV Hindi”. SO, for this Live Example we will choose keyword “Sling TV Hindi”.

Below images are clearly showing that 2000+ visitors per month.

Step3 : On page SEO: On page SEO is nothing but write the best quality content. Now I will start doing the research and will comeup best articles approx. 1500- 2000 words in 1-2 days. I am user of Sling TV so I know 75% details. 

So here is the article:

Step4 : Off page SEO : Now we will do – Off page SEO. Means we will reach about 10 websites owners who can link our website (process is called backlink/ follow link). This backlink will let google know that 

Read more about OFF Page SEO

We will not focus for next 7 days and let google find us because we are the best. And yes my friend, you are the Best. When I say ‘WE’, I include you too.

Step 5 : After 7days we got our article in google search. But ohh no.. we are in page 4 with zero visitors. Now its time to do couple more backlinks but in different manner.

Try to get links to your post from.

  • Forum links
  • Social Media
  • Sharing in whatsapp, Telegram
  • Pinterest
  • Quora strategy.

Wow after 15 days we are in first page.

After 21 days- We are in top 2 and getting 2000 visitors per month.

Install Yoast SEO Plugin – FREE On Page SEO Plugin

This is undoubtedly the best FREE Plugin for On Page SEO Plugin this automatically suggests everything you need to do to for 100% Proper On Page SEO

On Page SEO (Tips/Tricks) with Live Examples !! Best On Page SEO Tools
On-Page Search Engine (Tips/Tricks) with Live Examples !! Best On Page SEO Tools

Just put in your targeting keyword got from the Best Over All SEO Tool – SEMRush in the Focus Keyphrase. And fill in all the important Details

Just make sure all the mentioned Improvements and Problems are corrected and go green.

Also make your both the SEO and Readability are green and Smiling for the Best On Page SEO