No1 Complete Guide To Different Podcasting Plugin For WordPress BEST

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If you are in search of a comprehensive guide on podcasting plugin for WordPress, then you are on the correct webpage. We have prepared a complete and detailed guide on podcasting plugin for WordPress to give you comprehensive information about every aspect. So read the full article and receive the required information.

A Complete Guide To Different Podcasting Plugin For WordPress
A Complete Guide To Different Podcasting Plugin For WordPress

Brief Overview

WordPress is one of the most popular tools to create websites with a high variety of features. It is a great platform for not just blogging, but also to have a podcast. It has several podcasting plugins for WordPress which gives more flexibility than any other tool. Podcasting plugins for WordPress adds on to the treasure of existing features of WordPress. Therefore, in this article, we will go through several such podcasting plugins for WordPress in detail so as to help you in deciding to select one or more amongst them.

What Is  Podcasting?

Podcasting can be defined as the combination made out of two words – iPod and broadcasting. However, you do not require to own an iPod or tune into any particular broadcasting channel in order to listen to a podcast. Similarly, podcasting is when you blog using audio digital technology. To put it in other words, podcasting simply means distributing audios and videos in the form of content through a specific feed to which the listeners can subscribe to.

Podcasting is the area of blogging which is less crowded yet a content provider as compared to blogging. Moreover, listeners review that podcast gives an in-depth engagement as compared to blogs. Therefore, it can also act as an effective instrument for social media marketing.

The reasons for the growing popularity of podcasting are –

  1. It does not require any radio connection, satellite communication, studio or tower to create a podcast.
  2. The necessary equipment is a microphone, computer, camera and web connection to start a podcast.
  3. It allows the users to subscribe to their channel so as to receive updates about any new podcast which can be viewed at their own convenient time. Thus, listeners are the ones who decide what and at what time to listen to.
  4. It is highly portable which is the major aspect of growing popularity. It can be downloaded on any device and can be thus viewed anywhere and at any time.

To quote the statistics, research has stated that there is a 20 % growth in the podcast listeners figure.

How Can You Use Podcasting Plugins For WordPress?

WordPress is an easy and highly flexible tool for famous podcasters. It is loaded with features and additional plugin support to increase the features.

If you wish to use podcasting plugins for WordPress website, you will need to get registered for a domain name on WordPress hosting. It is recommended to use Bluehost services because it is one of the largest hosting companies across the world and has an official tie-up with WordPress. Plus, they provide economic discounts for a few of the third party platform users and a free domain as well.

Once you have successfully done the above steps, the next is to install WordPress and then set up your own podcast. You can add podcasting plugins for WordPress to enhance the quality of your podcast.

There are multiple podcasting plugins for WordPress which are used to enhance the benefits of podcasting and making it more suitable for all listeners. As the demand rises, there are more creation of plugins and a more difficult task to choose amongst them.

Here is where our role is. We are here to give out detailed and comprehensive podcasting plugins for WordPress list so that you can make your own decision.

So let us begin and look each of them one by one –

Podcasting Plugins For WordPress

Although there are many options available for podcasting plugins for WordPress, we have compiled the popular ones in the below mentioned detailed list. Check them out and then finalize your decision.

Power Press Podcasting Plugin For WordPress

It is the most trending podcasting plugin for WordPress brought to you by Blubrry. It has all that you need and will need simple and easy instructions to follow. It is developed by few podcasters for the other podcasters the features include multiple audio and video player options, Simple and Advanced mode, podcasting SEO features, subscribe to podcast page embed and sidebar widget, and many more. It is fully supportable in multiple devices like Apple, Android, Google podcast, Stitcher, various clients and applications, etc. Those who use Powerpress can also send their podcast shows to Spotify with the help of the Blubrry Podcast Hosting tool.
The Simple ModeWhen you are about to start or are convinced with all your Settings, then you can go for the simple model. All you need to set up your podcast is to ensure the essential settings requirements and creation of your episode. Submit the podcast to the web hosting platform. When you feel the need to upgrade, switch to the Advanced mode and avail the professional options.

Powerpress essential features

  1. Full support to Apple as well as Google podcasts
  2. Integrated media players of HTML5 files and use of audio-video embeds.
  3. Skip to the position in the player option
  4. Subscription tools
  5. SEO for podcasting
  6. Importing of podcasts
  7. Migration tools without losing any episodes
  8. Support for multi podcasts
  9. Taxonomy and post type podcasting
  10. Avail free media statistics from Blubrry WordPress dashboard.
  11. It gives support for multiple languages, emojis and locales.
  12. Full Apple podcast support

Powerpress podcasting plugin for WordPress supports Apple podcast which has the following features :

  1. Compliance podcast feeds for Apple podcast
  2. It provides an optimized summary for Apple podcast
  3. It lets you manage and upload to tune as per your preferences
  4. It supports latest Apple podcast specifications
  5. It provides for maximizing episode feeds by minimizing the byte size

Powerpress also supports Google podcast

Google podcast is a newly launched podcasting platform which has Google Home smart speakers, Google Search and Google Podcast app for Android.

Powerpress has integrated media players options

It gives various options for audio and video in your webpages like Media Element, HTML5 audio and video players, positioning the buttons, shortcode for player options, creating shortcode for the playlist, providing embed and links, several audio and video format supported etc.

Powerpress has integrated subscription tools

By using these integrated subscription tools, you can convert the podcast listeners or visitors to regular subscribers of the podcast website. These options include:

  1. Subscribe page (It gives simple instructions on how to subscribe to your podcast using the shortcode keys)
  2. Subscribe page shortcode (These include embed and links to subscribe to Apple podcast, Android Podcast, or subscribe by email, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Podcasts etc.)
  3. Subscribe sidebar widgets (these are optimized sidebar buttons for mobile devices which lets you subscribe to the podcast instantly)
  4. Subscribe links (These links will take you directly to the podcast subscription area)
  5. Retina enabled buttons as in Apple Retina displays for a high-resolution display f podcasts)
  6. Subscription tools are created for having better response supported in every screen.

You can streamline and integrate your podcast with the services of Blubrry

This will give better productivity to your podcasts. You will be able to quickly access the statistics from you dashboard in WordPress, publish your media directly from the blog, view the usage quota from the blog, use media configuration settings, post your podcasts to different social media handles and migrate all of your media to the Podcast Media Hosting platform with no additional cost.
In case you wish for more, here are some of the additional settings and features which you can opt for:

  1. It has SEO settings for your podcast to enhance your ranking in search engines
  2. The unique embeds and the design template are the attractive aspects
  3. It also detects the media size and duration to minimize the byte size
  4. It allows category casting
  5. It provides multiple distributed platforms for customizing podcast channels
  6. It allows taxonomy podcasting
  7. Post type podcasting permits you to create custom podcasts as per your post types
  8. It also has a paid premium membership feature for additional and more professional facilities
  9. It has an effective user role management system to see the number of visitors and listeners to your podcast and manage them as well
  10. It diagnoses the configuration settings for better results and outcomes
  11. It supports WordPress multisite network too
  12. It supports various syndication formats also.

Smart Podcast Player

Smart podcast player provides for an amazing experience for your podcast listeners. It is different from the other podcasting players as it offers an enhanced experience for users by using a professionally designed HTML5 player. There is also an option to add any mega player so that you can loop the different podcasts and its episodes. You may also use a single episode player as well. It functions well on almost all kinds of devices such as tablets, desktop or mobile devices. It lets you select your own colour – light theme or a dark theme, as per your preferences. The smart podcast player has built-in sharing settings to social media, speed control features, downloading option, timestamps option and many more. You can install and explore all the features and settings of this plugin.
The pros of Smart podcast player can thus be stated as the feature to capture the subscribers’ email address, speed up and slow down the playback, automatic updation of the library, directly downloadable or streamable episodes from the podcast itself and supports different formats which include SoundCloud and Libsyn. The only disadvantage is that you can avail the advanced options only when you subscribe to the monthly or yearly paid premiums and it supports only the MP3 audio format files.

Podlove Podcast Publisher

Podlove podcast publisher is brought to you by Podlove which is an online community striving to improve the standards of podcasting and its streaming. It provides cutting edge solutions with the help of plugins to resolve the podcasting issues which are generally neglected by other plugins. Podlove Podcast Publisher is an easy to use plugin which lets you manage the podcast from your WordPress dashboard. It offers a platform for highly compatible podcast feeds along with the fine-grain control to your podcast feeds. It provides for multi-format feeds, enhanced HTML5 player, support for different audio and video codes, downloading status, chapter statistics, flexible templates and many more. And do you know what is the best part? It is the fact that you will be a part of an actively working community. They include their own forums where you can ask all your doubts and get them cleared with help from other users and developers.

Simple Podcast Press

Simple podcast press offers you to display your podcast episodes in a creative and beautiful manner on your WordPress websites. It supports all types of podcasting host services platforms. All you need is to add the URL of your podcast iTunes feed and then it will automatically fetch the episodes to display in HTML5 player in an orderly manner. It also offers to display a single episode with a timestamp so that you can provide the users to directly play the key topics in an episode. It comes with built-in sharing services to different social media handles, which includes a click to tweet box which lets you quickly tweet about your podcast.

Libsyn Podcasting Plugin

Libsyn is the most popular plugin to host a podcast which helps to connect the WordPress account with the Libsyn account. It lets you create episodes and also save them as a draft. You can also schedule them to be published as per your time preference. It allows you to upload your podcast directly from the WordPress dashboard to your Libsyn account. This means that the podcast media file will not consume as much space because it works in sync with the WordPress account. It will maintain storage space in your servers to reduce the workload. It also allows you to add files or media from your WordPress library to the Libsyn account. All these media and files will remain there on the servers of Libsyn even if your website does not work properly or faces some technical issues. The subscribers who have subscribed to your podcast channel will still be able to download and stream your podcast episodes directly into their apps or feed readers.

The features podcast widget permits its users to display a podcast episode on the sidebar of the WordPress website. This is an add on plugin if you use Powerpress as a plugin for podcasting on WordPress. In other words, one can only use this plugin if s/he opts to use the Powerpress plugin brought to you by Blubrry. When you activate the featured podcast plugin, you will need to navigate to Widgets page under Appearances section and click on add Featured podcast widget to the WordPress sidebar. You can wish to choose any amongst the latest episodes, a specific category or can even manually enter the episode ID of the one which you want to be displayed on the sidebar as a widget. It takes into use your images included in the post and excerpt to the default Powerpress media player when one needs to play the episode.

As Heard On

As heard on is podcasting plugin for WordPress which lets you display multiple podcast episodes where you have taken the interview or where you have been interviewed as well. This plugin lets you feature other podcasters on your podcasting channel to leverage social proof. This, in turn, increases your chances to get featured on other podcasters channels as well. It includes an easy process to add the podcast episode to showcase on your podcast website. You can add hostname, podcast name, episode URL, thumbnail, description and many more. All you need is to find an album art to display the podcast episodes which you want to showcase. You can also upload the image manually on the channel. When you are done adding few of the podcast episodes, you can now display them as a sidebar widget on your account in a blog post or any page of your website.


Monsterinsights is a plugin which does not help directly in podcasting but can surely be useful for podcasters who use WordPress.  This plugin helps you to discover how people can get to your podcasting channel. It comes under the Google Analytics plugin for WordPress which helps you know where your subscribers are coming from, what do they do or how much time do they spend on a particular episode of your podcast etc. it has a link tracking feature which lets you track the episodes which are most downloaded by the users. It comes with addon plugin for Google Optimize which is a useful tool to conduct content experiments such as A/B testing to understand what is the best-suited area for your website.

Wp Forms

If you are using WordPress for quite a long time, then you must have heard about WP Forms. WP Forms lets you build more user interaction and a strong community with an increased number of visitors. It permits users to create professional and clear forms for websites without the use of any specific codes. WP Forms are highly used to create contact forms, accept payments, design survey forms, build email subscription forms and much more. It is the most preferred plugin for WordPress because of its flexibility and ease in operating the functions. Its powerful features make it a must-have plugin for WordPress users who may be engaged in podcasting as well. It comes with a free and a paid version to suit beginners as well as professional developers.

Seriously Simple Podcasting Plugin

Many of the beginners or the ones who wish to pursue podcasting do not initially want to spend money on a dedicated podcasting plugin to host the media player. Seriously simple podcasting plugin, as the name suggests, is designed for such people who can upload and manage their podcast episodes directly from their WordPress dashboard to their WordPress website. It is helpful in generating podcast feeds which supports different formats of a media player such as iTunes, Google Play and much more services to offer to its users. It comes with widgets and shortcodes to easily showcase the podcast episodes on your website throughout the webpage.
It takes into use the native WordPress interface with minimized settings so as to not distract the users with multiple options.
The primary features include simple setting format, integrated podcast hosting platform such as Castos, newly customized and redesigned media player, allows you to run multiple podcasts from the same website with their own unique RSS file, gather statistics from free add on statistics generator, support both video and audio media files, highly robust and configurable RSS feeds, widgets and shortcodes, freedom to host your podcast episodes wherever you like and a complete user documentation guide to develop an effective website.
The integrated podcast hosting platform of Castos lets you podcast media files directly to the dedicated media host and you do not need to leave the WordPress dashboard. It is a highly recommended plugin to give a boost to your podcasting website performance by offloading all the media files onto a media hosting server. It not only gives your podcast listeners a terrific experience but also increase your chance to reach a wider number of visitors. Now you do not have to look in search of a premium podcast plugin when you can use this simple and beautifully designed plugin. Seriously simple podcasting plugin also comes with loaded add-ons media library which lets you select the ones which suit your podcasting website. And the best part is, all these add ons are completely free of cost and will always remain the same.
Once you install the plugin, you will not require any instruction manual to use it further as the process is as simple as it can be. It is certainly the recommended plugin for the podcasting of episodes on your WordPress website.
Therefore, the pros of Seriously simple podcasting plugin are – the ability to run multiple podcast series on a single website, beautiful design of the media player, a satisfactory library of add-ons, the ability to support both audio and video files and privacy of password for the private podcasters. The only disadvantage is the password protect feature only works when FastCGI is disabled from the website.

Concluding Thoughts

After going through all the different plugins which can be used to enhance the user experience while podcasting, you are ready to analyse and form your own decision to choose amongst them. Where you can try different plugins at different point of times, you can also stay on the same plugin as long as it serves your purpose. Though selecting the one is an altogether difficult task, but when these podcast plugins are available with loaded features, then it can be a slightly easier task to be completed. You can create upload and edit the episode with plugins.

So go ahead and proceed to install the desired plugin and let your podcasting raise higher outcome and reach a wider audience base.

Happy podcasting!

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