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Most people always have a common misconception that a resume is just a mere document that is required for an interview call. The truth is that this resume itself is a tool that displays your abilities, experience, efficiency and all your achievements so far in front of the prospective employer. It gives an introduction and a complex image about you and impresses the hiring manager with your career snapshots. Therefore, it is a prerequisite for you to hold a professionally crafted resume for digital marketing in order to seek new jobs and opportunities as they come into your way.

This document itself is the basis on which the interviewer selects a suitable candidate among the huge crowd of candidates. The resume is ultimately the first step you take towards entering any organization. As a candidate, it will give you the opportunity to present yourself to the recruiters face to face.

Note that any digital marketing employer receives thousands of resumes and he may probably get annoyed if you tend to neglect the basic procedure or sequence that is to be followed. No recruiter would indulge themselves in reading long paragraphs and description. Therefore, you need to make your resume eye-catchy, effective and quite specific. Make sure that it is short and sweet with a perfect format.

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Different aspects of a digital marketing job? 

With the ever-growing rise of the whole era of internet and television, a new marketing field has been established. Creating average advertisements is no longer sufficient enough to grab the attention of customers. This is what is called as Digital Marketing. Digital marketing has gained high relevance that is reflected in the way the companies spend a huge amount of money on the professionals from this field. If you turn out to be a good digital marketer, you will definitely be in hot demand. But what exactly is their job?  One certain goal about it is to make people aware of a particular product or a specific company which might hopefully bring in new sales and a considerable growth in revenue.

Therefore, you will notice that they spend most of their hours on tasks such as developing marketing plans, creating content for social media, exciting advertising campaigns, creating content for social media and writing blog posts and articles.

Go to thing to the perfect digital marketing resume: Use of appropriate Layouts

A digital marketer is always hired based on your specialization in creating SEO strategies or with experience in handling social media strategies. Without a proper digital marketing profile, it is practically useless to be applying for any post in digital marketing. This guide is exactly what you need to build a perfect resume for digital marketing section by section with the aid of experts who are collectively hired from the field of digital marketing.

In order to make your resume more appealing, try to specialize in various fields such as SEO, SEM, content writing,  web designing, email marketing etc. You also need to consider whether the post demands you to create or execute a particular strategy.

Depending upon the considerable amount of experience you have, you need take into account two types of layouts of resume for digital marketing.

A functional layout is highly recommended in situations wherein one does not have any experience in this field and wants to create a digital marketing intern resume. Such type of a resume layout focuses more on the individual skills one possesses rather than the only experience.

A classic reverse chronological format is best suited for those applicants with a sufficient amount of experience in the field of digital marketing. This format is more recognized in emphasizing on your work experience that is considered to be ideal. You might feel the need to also add a section dedicated only to your skills in your resume but remember that work experience is always a focus.

Digital marketing resume samples

Here some of the digital marketing resume samples from where you can get a clear idea about how exactly you can manage to create an impressive resume for various job profiles.

  1. Entry-level digital marketing resume

  • Digital marketing specialist resume

  • Resume for content creators and marketers

  • Resume for experienced digital marketers

  • Resume for social media marketers

Digital marketing resume sections to be considered

  1. A summary or objective
  2. Work experience in digital marketing
  3. Any additional skills to back them up
  4. Certification
  5. Education
  6. A dash of your unique touch to reflect your personality

While writing your resume for digital marketing, make use of legible fonts, headings and white space in order to guide the reader towards the important sections of your resume.

Make sure to place your work experience section below the education section in your resume.

Tip: Always save your resume for digital marketing as a PDF. Just like in case of a responsive web design layout,  the PDF ensures that the resume can be read on any device that is used to view the resume by the hiring manager.

Start with an eye-grabbing resume header

Whenever any hiring manager goes through the enormously large number of resumes,  the part that is most likely to grab their attention is definitely the header. In traditional methods, you might find it only as your name and contact information but there are few tricks that you could definitely think of incorporating to make your resume look more effective.

Firstly, add one or more certifications across your name to highlight your qualifications and seriousness towards the job without actually diving into your work experience.

Second, you could add links to your social media accounts or any professional sites such as LinkedIn, Reddit, Quora etc where you are most likely to discuss digital marketing.

Take into account the above two things and you will see that your header will look all the more promising about your work and confidence.

How to write a resume for digital marketing objective or summary

An objective or a summary displayed in your resume is a place where you can talk more about yourself and mention your level of digital marketing skills. Nonetheless, it is a great place to display your writing abilities.

Make sure that your main point of focus lies on explaining how good you are as a candidate for the specific post you are applying for rather than talking about being a good digital marketer. Remember that ultimately the hiring manager will only look at how experienced you are in the perfect areas and your capability towards achieving positive results.

How should you include work experience? 

The one thing that needs to be reflected by your work experience is the results that you have obtained.  Try and be specific about what exactly you have done and what were the results you managed to obtain. The hiring manager will not take into account a simple list of responsibilities mentioned, but will also like to know if you were able to obtain results while undertaking those specific responsibilities.

Try not to mention literally all your previous job positions but include those points which clearly explain what exactly you worked for or where in charge of. Also make use of action verbs quite often such as coordinated, managed, developed etc. Explaining responsibilities like these in your resume for digital marketing will show the hiring manager how good you are and will also give you an image of a proactive individual who loves to take action.

Another key, in order to make your resume even better, is to add a number of work responsibilities which will eventually turn out to be your achievements.

Does a digital marketing resume require an academic section? 

Providing a detailed section for education is not that important unless you are a fresh graduate. But it is always going to be a plus for you if you manage to obtain a degree in areas of business or marketing communication.

Even if you do not hold a degree, you can still show that you are qualified enough for that particular job. As put forth by one digital marketer “ Certifications are the new degree” is one of the ways in which you can phrase your relevant skills into something more important than a degree. Ultimately, in a field like digital marketing, it is your experience and the recent certifications that are more relevant than a degree that you might have received about 5 years ago.

What to and not to include and emphasize? 

Digital marketing is certainly a vast field that covers various areas of expertise, therefore you might have to decide on to the skills that you would want to emphasize on.

Broadly categorizing, digital marketing has two sets of skills that are highly in demand :

Essential skills for your resume

Data analysis, paid ads, SEO, CMS, organization, social media, communication (written and spoken) , mobile networking, creativity, strategic planning, writing, crisis management, curiosity, independence and design. 

Hard skills for your resume for digital marketing

Semrush, HTML/CSS/JS, Hotjar, Buzzsumo, Moz, Hootsuite, Google Analytics, facebook ads, Google ads, email marketing tools like Mailchimp, photoshop, buffer, Zapier, Google Tag ManagerLinkedIn ads. 

A digital marketer is always expected to specialize in one or more skills that are mentioned above so that they can include them in their resume for digital marketing. The most important task here is to first recognize what type of skills are required for a particular job offer and try to emphasize more on those skills while you apply for the position.

Note that in the case of software and hard skills, you need not necessarily prove your skills. This is because you start with the job, it will directly show whether you have experience with them or not. But when it comes to soft skills, try adding them in the list with an example mentioned for each of those. This will definitely turn out to be impactful on your resume.

How to include certifications on your resume?

Adding certifications to your resume for digital marketing is the most efficient way of standing out from a huge crowd of competitors. Moreover, it is a perfect chance for you to become a great digital marketer without the need of having sufficient work experience. Below is the list of the top 10 digital marketing certifications that are likely to turn out impactful after adding in your resume.

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Google ads
  3. Facebook Advertising
  4. Moz’s Fee beginners guide to Content Marketing
  5. Hootsuite social media certification
  6. Google Digital Garage: Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Certification
  7. Hubspot content marketing certification
  8. Hubspot inbound marketing certification
  9. Bing Ads Accredited Professional Certification
  10. YouTube Certification

Include additional resume sections

It is true that great work experience is definitely set to catch the eye immediately but make sure that your resume for digital marketing is just not about that. You need to make sure that your resume should reflect on how good you are as a potential employee. This is the reason why you need to add other sections as well. These sections could be education, skills, profile and also volunteering ( if applicable only). 

Try not to make it too long and add only relevant stuff into it. Remember, that your resume need not be a full-proof explanation of your real-life details but you need to make sure to balance it out in the perfect way.

1.      Volunteer work

In case you do not have much experience in digital marketing, you could always add feel – free works that could further look great on your resume. Works such as the rebuilding of your community centre’s homepage and such other relevant events.

2.      Languages

Another huge plus for digital marketing managers is knowing another language. Your proficiency in another language will definitely give you a lead since now you will be capable of handling work in a variety of languages, may it be building a landing page in French or doing keyword research in Spanish.

3.      Hobbies and Interests

Specifying relevant hobbies and interests in your resume for digital marketing is highly beneficial. These relevant interests could be ones such as lifestyle blogging or writing blog posts in general. Do not add irrelevant hobbies that have nothing to do with you being a good digital marketer.

Add your contact information

This part might sound a bit obvious in your opinion but the fact is that many of the applicants tend to neglect this. In reality, adding contact information section is just as important as any other section that you add in your resume for digital marketing.  But you need to take care about which information is relevant to be mentioned and which part can be omitted.

For instance, it is necessary to mention information such as your name, email address and your phone number. You could also add other relevant information such as your LinkedIn profile or any other online portfolio. Try to avoid mentioning your nationality and date of birth.

How about a digital marketing cover letter?

A digital resume always has to have a cover letter just as a landing page requires a CTA. Here’s a quick procedure to follow in order to write a cover letter for the digital marketing jobs.

  • Start off with a perfect introduction that captures their interest.
  • Add a body that justifies why exactly you are the best candidate for the specific job.
  • Make them believe that they are the company you are willing to work for.
  • End with an eye-catching call-to-action which compels them to read your resume.

Tip: Email marketing trick to works well on cover letters: All you have to do is put in a postscript at the bottom of your cover letter for digital marketing. This will act as a second CTA button on to the landing page and will give you an additional opportunity to grab their attention.

A great cover letter that pairs well with your resume will surely give you an edge over the other candidates.

Big data analysis to get you critical digital marketing resume insights

With the growing competition in the field of digital marketing, it is quite evident that many of the competitors can potentially overpower your position in this field. Therefore it is suggested to always look up to what the competition is up for and work in that direction.

For a better understanding, we have analyzed numerous digital marketing job offers and resumes to have a clear idea about what are the skills that are in demand and which all are the ones that mostly appear in the resumes.

Our list for the top tricks and skills for the best resume for digital marketing :

The results that were obtained from the analysis and expert pieces of advice were summed up, the result of which was the following list of tactics that are best suited for your digital marketing resume.

  1. Focus on one or more areas of specialization in digital marketing to add to your resume.
  2. Based on whether you are an experienced digital marketer or an entry-level digital marketer, choose a suitable layout – functional or reverse chronological layout.
  3. Try to focus on your achievements and not the things that you were responsible for.
  4. Make use of the resume header to display your certifications and profiles.
  5. Do not be dissuaded from applying for a job even if you do not have the required amount of work experience.
  6. Entry-level digital marketers should put forth their non- work experience and certifications to show that they are ready to work in that area.
  7. Try backing up your skills with certifications and examples.

How to create a Better Resume for Digital Marketing

Creating a good resume is nothing but a form of art. Even if you have all the relevant skills and qualifications as demanded by the post, it will still turn out to be useless if you fail to phrase it properly in your resume. The recruiter will not think even twice before rejecting your resume.

Here are some few tips that you could consider while creating your perfect resume for digital marketing and how it can stand out in the crowd.

1.      Simple, clean and to the point

Make sure that your resume for digital marketing is clear and simple to read. All it has to be is small, effective, simple yet professional. Avoid mentioning any unnecessary points and keep it clean and to the point. This is one of the most effective ways of making your digital marketing CV stand out among all.

Given below are few tips that will assist you in improving the format of your digital marketing resume :

  • Font type must be clean and consistent.
  • Highlight the important points such as your introduction, digital marketing training, your message and experience in your resume.
  • Avoid having a lengthy resume with long paragraphs or any messy design elements that could potentially distract the reader.
  • Try making use of bullet points when you feel the information is going to be lengthy.
  • Make use of bold headings.

2.      Check grammar and spelling

Ensure that there are no grammatical mistakes or spelling errors in your resume. Grammatical errors or wrong spellings could definitely lead to a bad impression in the recruiter as digital marketing is solely based on content marketing wherein you can’t afford to make such mistakes. The content of your resume must be flawless in all aspects. Convey your message by making use of clear sentences.  

3.      Write a winning objective message

The core of your resume for digital marketing is your objective or purpose statement. Therefore try not to copy-paste it from any other resumes. The best method is to make your own tagline and that, in fact, must not be a challenge for any digital marketer. It can definitely turn out to be the first impression on your interviewer. Be more smart and creative while thinking of a perfect personal tagline.

4.      Create a solid online presence

Digital marketing is all about putting forward any product or service. Most of the digital marketing agencies believe that if you are able to market yourself then there is absolutely zero possibility that you could market the company. Therefore take this as an opportunity to showcase your marketing skills.

5.      Show your experience

The most important question arising out of all this is how can one believe that you are actually a good content writer/ SMM expert/analyst?  The recruiters will definitely look up-to-the answer to this question in your work experience section. So make sure to add all the successful projects and achievements from your previous organizations in your resume for digital marketing.

This will give them proof of your firm grasp on the knowledge and skills that you have acquired about the practicality of the enterprise.

Key Takeaway

Let us have a quick recap at all the relevant points discussed above. This is how you can write the best digital marketing resume :

  • Make use of the reverse-chronological format to make sure that your resume is easy to read.
  • Write an appealing and eye-catching objective for your digital marketing resume that is creative.
  • Place your work experience along with all the relevant achievements and duties took up in the previous organizations.
  • Do add an education section in your resume to create a better impression.
  • List down all the digital marketing skills that the employer mentions in the job ad.
  • Incorporate additional sections such as certifications related to digital marketing to add a plus to your resume.
  • Attach an impressive cover letter that matches your resume to give you an edge over the other candidates.

Having considered all the points mentioned above, your digital marketing resume is all set to give you a high return on your investments.

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