Top 20 Exclusive Search Engines Other than Google

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When it comes to the search engine, we always opt Google as our first priority. That is why Google is the most used search engine out of all search engines in the world. You can easily access Google from its browser known as chrome. This vast browser was released on 2 September 2008 and is very easy to install. It is the fastest web browser and easily loads pages very quickly. It is easy to use because of its simple design. You can, in fact, use chrome’s wonderful feature without even logging in chrome, Incognito. Since then numerous search engines have been released but none of the search engines was able to destroy the popularity of Google and still Google is one of the best search engines and is used worldwide but there are search engines other than Google

But everything is not perfect and so is Google chrome, it is a bit overrated. It has some serious disadvantages which are still not covered by Google. Along with using a lot of memory chrome also tracks the personal data of the user such as location, cloud data, mail reading, contact fetching and personal information of the user for their own benefit or for third party use. That is why some countries, in fact, have their own browsers and search engines. Therefore, if you want to use Google Chrome for some very extreme secret or personal usage, you should use other search engines other than Google for the sake of your privacy.

Read this article to acknowledge some of the best and safe search engines other than Google.

Top Search engines other than Google

1.      DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo was created by Gabriel Weinberg and it is owned by DuckDuckGo, Inc. whose headquarters are situated in Paoli, Pennsylvania, the U.S. It was written in Python, Perl and JavaScript.  This web search engine is available in multilingual and serves its facilities worldwide. It was launched on September 25, 2008, and is currently inactive condition. In 2011 DuckDuckGo also launched the voice search for its users.

DuckDuckGo first priority is to not to peek in user’s personal data or information for their own benefit or for third party usage. That is why it does not either store any history of the surfing done by the user nor store any kind of IP address and use cookies only when required. That is why many users when working on a very private or important project use DuckDuckGo other than Google. DuckDuckGo shows the instant result and shows the relevant answers on the top of the page. These instant answers are known as zero-click info so that user can differentiate between relevant answer and approximate answers. DuckDuckGo is made using various search APIs and therefore its result is fetched from different APIs. It not only keeps the user’s data safe but it can also bring back useful sites.

2.      Bing

Bing is owned and was created by Microsoft on June 3, 2009, and was written in ASP.NET. It is currently inactive status and is available in 40 languages. It is not necessary to sign in the search engine or in case if you want to sign in you can use Microsoft account. The headquarters of Bing is situated in Washington, USA. This search engine is originated from MSN search and Windows Live Search.

The interface features of Bing are ultimate and that is why it is counted as the best search engine among different search engines other than Google. Bing shows different results for the same languages in a different part of the world. The background image of the search engine change on a daily basis and shows random pictures of animals, sports, events and people from different part of the world and also show the information related to the picture. Image search in Bing gives better results than imaged search on Google. As we all know that Google owns YouTube and most of us use YouTube to search for any video. But once if you start using Bing for surfing video than you will be surprised by the unique and ultimate results Bing video search will give you.   

3.      Yahoo!

Guess what?? Yahoo! is 2nd most used search engine platform in the world and is written in PHP. It is owned by Yahoo and was launched 24 years ago (2nd of March, 1995), yes Yahoo! Is one of the oldest search engines in the world! Currently in working condition, Yahoo! is available in 40 languages. The headquarters of this ultimate and oldest browser is in Sunnyvale, California. The market share of Yahoo! is almost 2.32 per cent.

It is one of the oldest search engines still how it is better than various search engines other than Google? Yahoo! has a better homepage better than any search engine. Though it is a little slow to show result it successfully shows a large number of relevant results to your question. It fetches the data from common HTML pages, PDF, Excel sheets, documents, PowerPoint, text files and every other document in any form available in soft copy. It in fact full fills the commitment of privacy of users and never cheats them. Yahoo! also provides the facility to surf outside the web search which includes Yahoo! answers, videos, images, news, tourism and much more. No doubt, Yahoo! is a very vast search engine and the oldest one too. 

4.      BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo was founded by Rand Franklin, James and Henley in March 2014. All of them left their job to just focus on their new start-up called BuzzSumo. It is basically used as a content marketing tool which can help you in promoting your content to a very extent. BuzzSumo never tracks the data of the user neither for their benefit nor for selling the third party of their usage. It is multilingual and produce results in searched language and shows results which in terms of the language you searched in.

If you want to proceed with content search than BuzzSumo is best to search engine among the entire search engines other than Google. If you use a search engine properly for commercial, professional or personal work you will find that it is a very valuable tool. You can easily find the content of different social media altogether on this search engine. In fact, if you have your own domain then you can also search what has been socially shared about your domain and all the post related to it. You can also find different influencer for different products and of different field. You can also promote your content on BuzzSumo and it really helps in promoting the contents of different users with great ease.

5.      CC search

Creative common search is an American organization which focuses on the promotion of creative work by anyone. It was founded by Lawerence Lessing, Eric Eldred and Hal Abelson on January 15, 2001, almost 18 years ago. It basically allows you to share your content globally without any risk of privacy leakage, thus Creative common search is among the best search engines other than Google. That is why Creative common search is also known as a non-profit organization which never breaks their commitment of privacy and never locates the user’s personal data for their personal benefit or selling it to the third party for their personal use and to earn money.

Creative Commons search is mainly focused on licensed creative common works and always show the licensed results only when you search for anything. It also shows the results of images by the creative artists who choose Creative Common search engine for their work. 

6.      Twitter

Commonly known as microblogging and famous social media, Twitter was founded on March 21, 2006, by a group of four people, Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone and Evan Williams. The headquarters of Twitter is available in California, United States. Twitter is available in multilingual and was written in Java, Ruby, Scala and JavaScript. You need to register yourself to follow other people or to check posts and if you don’t want to register you can simply read the tweets and post but then you can’t review them.

It is really easy to search about various tweets or hashtags on Twitter search engine very easily. The query you searched on Twitter are answered by real people, that is why Twitter has emerged as better search engines other than Google. Searching any tweet on Google is also very easy but Twitter provides faster and real results. If we observe, Twitter is really very vast search engine because it is managing each and every tweet so properly that it is just one or two-word search away. There is no issue of privacy since Twitter never breaks its commitment to user privacy and never tracks their data for personal benefit or third party user.

7.      Gigablast

This search engine was founded by Matt Wells in 2000. The source code for the search engine is based on C and C++ and compiled into a single compact binary. Later in 2013, it was released as open-source software, Gigablast indexes hundreds of billions of pages using less amount of hardware. It is one of the search engines which have their own searchable index of over a billion pages. This search engine has the ability to index multiple document formats and topic generation. Various other small search engines also take help from searches made by Gigablast as it provides “turnkey” search capability to offer searches at maximum scalability with real-time information retrieval technology. They also give their services as enterprise search solution to different businesses. It also has dedicated tabs for Travel and Blog search.

8.      Yandex

Yandex is basically a Russian company which provides technology and internet services in Russia and it is famous for its Yandex search engine. Yandex Company was founded by Arkady Volozh, Arkady Borkovsky, Ilya Segalovich in 1997 and in May 2010 company launched as their search engine. With a market share of over 60%, it is the most used search engine in Russia after Google. Being a search engine in the Russian language helps the citizens in contexts of search queries in Russian.

Apart from being a search engine it also provides news, weather forecast and other services such as mails and maps. In a settlement with Google in 2017 android devices are not bounded to provide Google as a search engine instead of this Yandex will be provided. This change led to fast growth in market share for Yandex search engine. It is based on the principle of reacting to real-time queries means the query which requires most current information is treated first.

 It also consists of the spell checker, autocompletes, antivirus etc. More features are added in the search engine in the various span of time to improve its efficiency such as in 2009 Matrixnet a machine learning method is introduced to improve search results amongst various results which it developed. It is one of the best search engines other than Google

 In 2010 another update in form of the spectrum was added to identify personal names and specific searches which a user searches in the search engine. Apart from all these features it also has various functions such as geo-targeting in which search results are based on the location of the user. Penalty on intrusive popups is imposed by blocking them.     

9.      Blekko

Blekko was a company which mainly focused on providing much better search results than Google Search. The company was founded by Richard Skrenta a Silicon Valley entrepreneur in 2007. The main focus of the search engine was to exclude content farms from the searches in order to reduce spam. The search engine was made public on November 1, 2010. Searches are made using slash tags in this search engine, they are simple filters which limits the search results for defined websites.

Slashtags are either created by the Blekko team or by community users. The algorithm on which Blekko Search Engine is based tries to match the suitable slashtag for a given query but it comes with its own set of complications if you are new to it. A user can create his own set of slashtags or can edit slashtags created by other users. It also offered a dedicated downloadable search bar. IBM bought Blekko on 27, March 2015 to use its web crawler abilities with intelligent filtering in their question-answering computer system called Watson and closed the services of search engine.

10. Oscobo

Oscobo generates result specifically for the U.K. and is planning to spread in European countries too. You will strange and shocked that the founders of Oscobo were ex-worker in two big companies. Fred Cornell was an ex-worker at Yahoo! and Rob Perin was an ex-worker at BlackBerry. It was founded in 2015 with the main motive to keep the user’s information safe always.

If you really want to protect your data than Oscobo is the safest search engine among the entire search engines other than Google. In fact, Fred Cornell himself agreed with the fact that Yahoo! copies the data of the user and tries copying more and more important data of the user. They use it either for their personal use or give it to the third party to remain in the profit.   

11. MetaGer

MetaGer is one of the metasearch engines among all the search engines other than Google which is developed by keeping the privacy of user’s data in mind. The owner of this ultimate search engine is Suma e.V and it was launched in 1996, almost 23 years ago. It is mainly used in Germany and is built on 24 small scale web spiders by MetaGer itself. In August 2013 an English version of MetaGer was released and in 2016 MetaGer source code was released.   

Whenever you search or surf your query on MetaGer, it combines the result from almost 50 search engines, thus providing the flexibly of selecting some of your own search engine from the list according to your choice.

12. Swisscows

Swisscows was created by Andreas Wiebe and was launched on June 26, 2014. It is originally owned by Hulbee AG. It is available in multilingual and is currently in working status. The location of the company is Egnach Switzerland.

The ultimate part of this search engine is that it never stores the data of the user for their or third party benefit. The language translator is of Swisscows is made by Yandex. Although Swisscows use Bing for web search it also has its own index in the German language. This search engine is among the best search engines other than Google because it is based on semantic data which give quick answers to your queries. It never shows incorrect results to your queries. You can also search for shopping, news music and much more.

13. SearX

Developed by Adam Tauber, SearX was launched on January 22, 2014. It is written in Python and was stably released on January 6, 2019.

If you want results from direct result than this search engine is the best option among all the search engines other than Google. It fetches result from almost 82 different engines. You can set the search engines accordingly and these settings will be saved in cookies in the user’s browser and not directly on the server. This keeps the data safe and therefore no search engine can peek in your personal information.   

14. Yippy

A metasearch engine, Yippy is only available in the English language. It was launched in 2004 with name as Clusty and then again it was launched in 2010 with name as Yippy. It was created by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and is originally owned by Yippy, Inc.

Since it is a metasearch engine, therefore, it combines the result from various search engines and then displays it in a single cloud. It gives a quick and appropriate overview of your searched query. In fact, yippy is among those search engines other than Google which does not track the user’s data and never peek in their privacy, thus maintaining their commitment of all the facility of data privacy they provide.

15. Ecosia

Ecosia is a unique search engine in its terms as the name suggest it’s an eco-friendly search engine the best thing associated with this search engine is that it is a Co2 neutral search engine, for every search made the company uses the revenue to plant tree across the globe. It is a good example of globalisation and climate change awareness.Ecosia is a Germany based web search engine founded by Christian Kroll on 7 December 2009. An average of 45 searches is required to plant a tree and users can check the numbers of trees planted, Ecosia donates funds from its ad revenue. In its starting phase search results from Ecosia were provided as a combination of results from Yahoo and Bing later they were by Bing only, ads were shared by Yahoo as a part of the agreement with Ecosia and with the help of these ads they generate revenue. Searches made on the search engine are encrypted in nature and data is not sold to third party companies for advertising purpose means it provides an ample amount of data security to its users.

16. StartPage

Previously known as Ixquick Startpage was founded in 1998 David Bodnik and owned by Startpage BV in the Netherlands. Startpage uses results from Google search engine but without tracking of the user. There is no storage of personal data of the user, using the anonymous feature a person can visit search results in full privacy. On the other hand, other search engines other than Google provides you search results based on your search habits but with StartPage you are not typecast, that is the filter cage like other search engines creates for you is not in this one. The main advantage of this feature is that you will get a variety of suggestions every time not the one which advertisement companies wanted you to see. Another feature of Startpage is their privacy-protecting email service called as Startmail it was released for public usage in 2014. In its starting years, Startpage was touted as the most powerful Metasearch engine on the web and provided results using 14 different search engines and presented them according to the relevancy of the query framed by the user. Before being presented as Startpage Ixquick was criticised for storing private details of its users such as I.P Address, details and other relevant data. Soon they made their search engine privacy-friendly up to such a level that the user can use service of Startpage proxy and can be invisible to all websites but this process becomes slow due to retrieving of information.

17. Baidu

Baidu is a China-based search engine and was founded by Robin Li in 2000 it has its origin in Rankdex which he developed in 1996. Headquarters of Baidu is situated in Beijing, China. Baidu covers over 70% stake in china in terms of the search engine, Google comes after it but it is banned resulting in boosting the popularity of Baidu apart from these two Sogou search is also providing services in China. Many SEO experts in china think that the algorithm of the Baidu search engine is similar to Google’s algorithm with a lag of 3 to 4 years. Similar to Google, Baidu uses the density of keywords by the users to allot ranking to a website in china. That is why Baidu is listed among the best search engines other than Google.

To build such a good platform for a search engine multiple programming languages are used major portion containing C++ along with Python is some parts. Baidu has its own mapping service called as Baidu maps in both mobile and desktop-based platforms for the Back-end part C++ is used and for front-end JavaScript is used.  Apart from searching Baidu also have online encyclopedia called as Baidu Baike, Baidu library and Baidu Browser which you can call replica of chrome browser. Baidu Tuiguang is Baidu’s advertising service which is a similar platform as Google AdWords it is a pay per click based platform for allowing advertisers to show their ads on the search engine.  

18. Boardreader

Found in May 2000 by engineering students from the University of Michigan, Boardreader was found to sort out the problems from current search engine. The headquarters of the search engine is in Michigan, United States.

This search engine collects results from multiple websites and then displays that information on the webpage. Till now since the year of its establishment, it has been 20 years but still, nobody has ever complained about the privacy issue related to Boardreader. That is why it is counted in some of the best search engines other than Google. It is totally easy to browse and there is no chance of Boardreader stealing data of the user for their benefit or for any third-party usage. It is a very useful webpage if you want to search about various blogs, contents and article written by real user therefore it gives you fresh and original results.

19. WolframAlpha

WolframAlpha is a webpage that not only used as a search engine but is also recognized as an answer engine. It is owned by Wolfram Alpha LLC and created by Wolfram Research and was officially launched on May 18, 2009. It is currently inactive status and is written in Wolfram Language.

It is among the unique search engines other than Google which allows a user to ask questions or answer questions of other users. Whatever you surf on WolframAlpha it will always give you fresh and real material because every question or answer is done by a real user, thus increasing the originality of the data. The best part out of everything is that user’s data is safe here and is not leaked anywhere. 

20. Ask

Ask is commonly known as Ask Jeeves is a search engine based on question answering webpage. It was created by Garret Gruener and David Warthen in June 1996 (yes!!! 23 years ago) and is owned by InterActiveCorp (IAC). The headquarters of Ask is situated in California, the U.S. It is available only in one language that is English and is currently inactive status. You can use this Answer engine without any registration (it is your choice totally).

Why do people use other search engines other than Google? The answer is that they somehow satisfy the need of the user. It produces a much better search result than any other search engine. Whenever you search something on it collects the data from other websites and displays it to you. It shows the results of your query along with the display of related searches on the right-hand side. Since it is a question-answer search engine, the question asked on Ask are answered by real people. The homepage of Ask is divided into three categories, entertainment, culture and travel, based on these three categories anyone can search for anything like movies, television shows, songs and various celebrities.   

Some Last Words

So, here was an overview of how can you use other alternative search engines other than Google. Perfection in everything is not possible, whether it is software, application, webpages or search engines. Same is with Google, many users have complained about their data being leaked or used. Many users have also accepted that they are sure about their location or data being traced. In fact, Google doesn’t even leave your privacy while you use Gmail and therefore read all your mail and keep the details about them. So, if you choose Google while surfing something very private then you should choose some other alternatives other than Google. Due to such privacy leakages, many countries like Russia, U.K., Germany, China and some European countries have their own search engines which are safe and do not trace the user’s personal data for their benefit or third-party usage.  

Search engines other than Google do not break their commitment of giving user’s their part of privacy. In fact, some of the search engines are metasearch engine which combines the data from various webpages and search engines thus giving you finest and perfect results for your queries.