What is Content Marketing | Advanced Content Marketing Strategy

Hey, everybody out there. Thanks for joining us at DigitalSirji. We’re here to kick off the What is Content Marketing ? Advanced Content Marketing Strategy Article.

So …content marketing. I wanna share my personal method of content marketing, now here I will specifically and show you guys how I do content marketing.

Yes I mean, the whole process, why I’m do certain things with my content, How I’m looking at the data, How I’m growing, and then from there, of course, you guys can learn. You can see the results, and you can see like, the exact process I’m using for Content Marketing .

Why is Content Marketing Important? Content Marketing for SEO

Let’s first get started in my analytics. I think it’s already loaded. So, audience overview. You guys can see my traffic stats. There’s not really much to hide.

What is Content Marketing | Advanced Content  Marketing Strategy
What is Content Marketing | Advanced Content Marketing Strategy

So last seven days, I was at 26,000 unique visitors. That’s not too shabby, considering I don’t do paid advertising. There was like, two jumps. So this is August.

What is Content Marketing | Advanced Content  Marketing Strategy
What is Content Marketing | Advanced Content Marketing Strategy

So my traffic is still growing, and here’s one strategy that I did. The site’s content and all pages. So you see this?  Best ways to watch Indian TV serials and Indian channels in USA organic reach. This post has 6,459 visits (clicks). That’s a big difference from 12,000 to 26,000.

What is Content Marketing | Advanced Content  Marketing Strategy
What is Content Marketing | Advanced Content Marketing Strategy

What is Content Marketing Strategy? Best Content Marketing Strategy

You wanna know what the change was? It was really simple. So, Google Webmaster Tools. Loading it up. And you guys should be all doing this. So you click on search traffic, search analytics, and from there, you wanna click on pages. Pages shows you the top pages that you have ranking for your content.

So, after you write your first blog post, whatever it is, or after you write a blog post, six months later, it tends to start ranking. Sometimes you get lucky and it happens within two to three months, but usually six months (depends on the competition).

So, what I do is I take that article, and then I go into Google Search Console. Keep in mind Google Webmaster Tools always shows a lower number than what it really is, I don’t know why. At least, for me it does. So once you click on the page, then you click on queries, and it’ll show you all of the queries that that page is getting traffic for.

So once I clicked on queries, you’ll see a whole list of keywords that they’re driving traffics for, impressions, Clicks, position.

What is Content Marketing | Advanced Content  Marketing Strategy
What is Content Marketing | Advanced Content Marketing Strategy

So, I would take all these keywords, I would take all these keywords, they’re ranking better now.

So it has all the keywords. I sorted it by impressions. Okay, so I would take these keywords. I would sort them by impressions and click through rate (CTR). So, I can see which keywords have the highest impression count.

What is Content Marketing | Advanced Content  Marketing Strategy
What is Content Marketing | Advanced Content Marketing Strategy

Lets take some keyword like Desi.com gets a ton of impressions for being on the first page. avg 9th position, is usually first or second page,, however you wanna look at it this is Content Marketing.

So when I would look at all of this, I would sort by impressions, and then I would take all of these keywords, and I would integrate them within my blog post’s content for proper Content Marketing .

So, I recommend you to go to your post, after doing all the Steps listed above. Okay, now i would add the a keyword similar to “Desi.com”, in the title, meta, slug, alt test for proper Content Marketing .

What is Content Marketing in SEO?

So what I’m trying to say is, what I did is I took this post and I made it super detailed, and I added in all the keywords. It works really well each and every single time.

Some of the keywords in the content are a keyword that ranks, while some of them aren’t, and that’s how I rank better, is by modifying the articles and adding in all the keywords that do well, or that I’m at least getting impressions for.

Then that way, I know what Google’s already ranking me for. If I discuss those topics within my content, I’m much more likely to get ranking. And I do this for a lot of my content pieces. I go through Google Search Console. Every single week, we go and we figure out, all right, what are the most popular posts that we’re ranking for, and we just continually rewrite those articles. That’s what is helping increase our traffic and our rankings more than anything else.

All because we rewrite the content in the post and just put in more keywords in the content. And we’re not just stuffing the keywords in the content. We’re making it more thorough, this is the best form of Content Marketing .

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What is Best Content Marketing | Advanced Content Marketing Strategy

Now, here’s the key. When you rewrite the post, you can’t just rewrite it. You have to include the keywords in the content, and then, you have to make sure the biggest keywords are in your title tag and meta description. I use the Yoast SEO plugin.

I just took the most popular ones, and I added it in the description. And then, I made sure the title was relevant as well for the content. And then what you wanna do, so once you rewrite the page, I Request Google to Recrawl, I put in the URL, and you’ll see some of the URLs.

What is Content Marketing | Advanced Best Content Marketing Strategy

We were doing some earlier as well. And then when you do that, you just put in the URL, you click fetch and render. This eventually will go from status pending to, you know, you can click a button and click submit. It’s really that simple. If you don’t submit it, Google may not crawl it. It may take like, a week or a month or whatever, maybe, before they pick up the newly written page.

So, you go to Google Search Console for your post, and then you click request indexing. I’m not gonna do that, but you click I’m not a robot, and then you just wanna click crawl only this URL. You don’t need to crawl your whole website in the direct links. So, if you just follow that, you can get way more traffic from your content marketing.

See, what I’ve learned about blogging is you can’t predict which posts are gonna do well for you for your content marketing. It’s a hit or miss game. Some posts get you traffic, and some don’t. It’s really is a hit or miss game.

Keep in mind that I had that much content. The point I’m trying to make is content marketing, and I hate to say, is a hit or miss game. Some of the posts you write will do really well, and some won’t. So what we’ve found to be the ideal strategy is you just go, and you just write a shit load of content on everything, this is an effective way to make Content Marketing strategy.

And then from there, the content that naturally just gets traffic according to Google Search Console, ’cause you have to click on the pages instead of the queries under Search Analytics, and they’ll show you all the top pages.

We then just go and rewrite all of these pages and make them better. That’s our only main content strategy when it comes to, you know, write quantity, make sure the quality is good enough, and then you just go in, and the ones that are doing really well, you just go, redo them, make them even better, and it’s just a pure numbers game. And we found that to be the winning combination. That’s why companies like HubSpot get millions and millions of visitors a month to their blog with Content Marketing .

What is Content Marketing ? Best Advanced Content Marketing Strategy

Breaking Down some of the strategies at HubSpot

What is Content Marketing ? Advanced Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing isn’t as effective as just generating tools. Totally right. What’s the number-one page on Neil Patel’s website? An SEO analyzer tool. It’s not even content, right? And the cool part about doing content marketing is if you just write in quantity, and, you know, let’s say you write 20 posts and one’s a hit, then you just go make that one hit ten times better.

It’s just a pure numbers game. And the way we figure out what to write on is really simple. We go to SEMRush, and we put in all of our competitor URLs. We’re going to all the competitors, finding their most popular post, and we’re just cranking out content that is more popular than theirs, that simple. We also do the same with BuzzSumo. We do this for our competitors. We’re looking at SEMRush and seeing what their most popular content is via Google, and we’re rewriting it and doing better posts with our own spin on it. We’re then putting in our competitor URLs in SEMRush and doing the same thing, and we’re seeing what’s the most popular on the social web. In combination of both of those strategies, we’re ramping up content, and the goal is just to have one of the biggest online content marketing blogs out there, and I think I can do it within the next few years for Content Marketing.

That’s what we’re doing just to ramp up our content and just crank and try to beat everyone else. The goal is to get to five, six million unique visitors a month.

Measures of Content Marketing

How to not Stuff Keywords into our Content?

What we do is we put in competitor URLs, and we see what keyword density they have for the terms we’re adding, and we try to keep it around the same percentage. And if our posts are way longer, we don’t try to keep it same percentage. We just look at count number. So let’s say if our post is five times longer, we won’t have the same density, nor do we try to optimize for it, but if they had the word search engine 14 times and our post is five times longer, we may not have the same density. Ours will probably be lower, but we’ll try to do somewhere between 14 and 20 times, right? We just do a bit more count-wise.

SEMrush vs Ahrefs for Content Marketing

We love SEMrush. I love using SEMrush for paid ads. I love using it for me organic and link building. I also love it for social sharing data.

What do you do if your competitors are authority sites and you’re not?
You go more niche. If you go more niche, you’ll do better off. If you go too broad, you won’t beat the Higher Domain Authority ones and all of that.

How do you decide How long to make them?

However long it needs to be until we cover everything under that topic. So it might be 2,000 words originally and then go to up to 10,000, or something like that? Yeah, it could even go to 20,000. We usually tap at around 10. We try not to go over 10. Just as long as you’ve got all those keywords in a useful way that you looked at inside of Search Console in the article, got it.

What’s the best strategy for social content marketing for an e-commerce website?

Yeah, so for e-commerce, what I like doing when it comes to social marketing is I focus more so on reviews. So with e-commerce, I try to get people to write more reviews, and the review aren’t going to help with social shares, but it helps with higher rankings. So every time someone buys your product, email them, ask them to write a review. It creates more text per page. That helps. You know, the more words you have on a page, the higher rankings or more potential keywords you can rank for the future, and usually, you’ll get more search traffic and higher rankings, and then the other thing I like doing with e-commerce is I do listings, so not for my product pages.

What’s the best strategy for a new blog as part of an Online Marketplace?

Would it be to publish a lot of regular short posts, or focus on long authority in-depth posts? Now, his concern is that they spend a lot of time or they might spend a lot of time writing quality posts, but as a new blog, no one’s going to sort of read them. I Recommend to write around 2,000-plus word posts, minimum, super detailed, the better.

If you write a 2,000-word blog post, you’re going to link out to a lot of people. So I’ll be like, hey Michel, I just wanted to say I’m a massive fan of your work, so much, so I linked out to you in my latest blog post. Feel free to check it out here. If you like it, feel free to share it. Cheers, your number-one fan, Sumukh. That’s it, and then I’ll get a lot of social shares by combining those two things, and then my new blog is getting traction without having backlinks or anything, and eventually, more people link to it, and then they start ranking because it has good social shares.

Facebook and Instagram content marketing how to get more attention

Instagram marketing, you can’t drive people back to your site, but it’s suitable for branding. Images, quotes, look at competitor Instagram profiles, and create similar content on what’s doing well. With Facebook, what I like doing is I go to competing for fan pages, and I see what has the most amount of shares and likes, and then from there, I create content based on that. ?

I also use SEMRush and look at social shares and type in keywords within my space, such as, I can just go back, and lemme type in a keyword. Like, I can type in the word social media marketing, because let’s say I want more traffic related to that space. I go to SEMRush, I see what does well purely based off of Facebook engagements, likes, shares, etc.