Exactly What Is Ping-O-Matic? How It Boosts Seo?

Exactly What Is Ping-O-Matic? How It Boosts Seo?

Read this article to know What is Ping-o-Matic ? How Does Ping-o-Matic Boosts SEO ? Also read No1 Guide to Auto Optimize WordPress Plugin + Auto Optimize Plugin Settings

An Insight To What Is Ping-O-Matic

There are a number of tools and strategies available to use for link building and drive more traffic to your websites. The use of such strategies boosts the search engines and increase the real traffic to generate a better source of information. While some may find it easy to build links for their websites, but in genuine cases, many people find it a little challenging to use a source or tool for link building as it requires a lot of effort. Even if some are ready to put in the efforts, it does not result in the desired outcome. The reasons behind the failure of these links developed can be improper indexing of the links in the website by the search engine, failure in maintaining a good link profile, not having a proper strategy for a backlink profile, etc. It is vital to regularly index the web pages, especially the parent page, so as to keep the links updated. If you ought to do so, the backlink will not be able to increase your page rank in the search engines.

Every website developer wants the created website to be on the first page of different search engines. And in order to do so, it requires proper planning and the correct use of strategy, which can build links and be useful for SEO. Here is where you must need to know what is pingo-matic and how you can use it to boost SEO. 

Let us take the question of what is ping-o-matic in brief – It allows you to add value to the link building process and adequately invest your time giving excellent results. You can manually ping or notify about indexing any web page of any of your websites. It also allows you to update the backlinks related to your domain as well. 

Most of the SEO experts answer for what is ping-o-matic and also about other similar ping tools. These can really prove to be helpful. Such tools are used to achieve faster indexing for significant search engines. 

So why not try these ping tools to boost the overall performance of your websites. Know what is ping-o-matic and take advantage of its capabilities. Some of these tools are also free to use, and some offer a free trial before a paid subscription.

What Is Ping-O-Matic?

To answer what is ping-o-matic, you must be familiar with the basics of Pingomatic tools. These tools help you to submit the website URL into various search engines, directories, communities, content aggregators, and several other online spaces as well. The best part of ping-o-matic is that it is absolutely free to use. 

What is meant by ping?

It is the process to send notifications to multiple search engines telling them about the updates in your links and website pages, which needs to be re-crawled. In SEO terms, pinging is defined as notifying the search engines about the newly created backlinks in order to be crawled and counted. So what is ping-o-matic? In simple terms, it is an online tool that prevents you from the trouble of submitting notifications to different search engines and directories. This lets you submit multiple bunches of several sites all at once.  

What is ping-o-matic? 

It is a free service, as stated earlier, which can be used for boosting SEO and managing the submission of various updated websites and web page links. It sends notifications to many search engines, telling them that your web links or blogs are updated.

Some of these include –

  1. Topic exchange
  2. Blog digger
  3. Newsgator
  4. Weblog.com
  5. Weblogalot
  6. My Yahoo
  7. Blo.gs
  8. Skygrid
  9. Superfeedr
  10. Spinner
  11. News is free
  12. Pubsub.com
  13. Feed burner
  14. CollectA
  15. Google blog search

Although there are many similar ping-o-matic tools, the most preferred and recommended, one is Ping-o-matic. It is a great tool to be used by different bloggers as well to catalyse the search engines results and index the blog links faster. 

How to use Ping-o-matic?

Now that you have the answer to what is ping-o-matic, you are ready to use the pinging tool.

In order to start using this tool, you will need to follow the below-mentioned steps –

  1. Navigate to Ping-o-matic.
  2. Type-in the blog name which you use on your websites.
  3. Enter the URL of your blog.
  4. Type in the URL RSS feed, in case if you have one.
  5. Select from the drop-down list the services you wish to ping via Pingomatic. It is suggested that you select all of them so as to ease up the process of complete link building.
  6. Finally, click on ‘Send pings’ and you are all done.

Are there negative consequences of Ping-o-matic?

It is essential to take care of the possible negative consequences, along with knowing what is ping-o-matic. You need to ensure that you do not overdo the pinging notifications. Otherwise, you will be flagged as spam by Google. It is similar when you call a friend but regularly almost 30 times a day. It is obvious that your friend will be annoyed and you would not want that to happen. 

In case you use WordPress, you can go to Settings and then Writing, which will automatically update and notify Pingomatic about everything which is posted by the user. In other words, you will not require to send notifications to ping several items and posts manually. WordPress will serve your purpose and will make things easier for you to know exactly what is ping-o-matic.

How reliable are the services of Ping-o-matic?

After knowing what is ping-o-matic, you should also look upon the reliability of the tool before you start using it. Pingomatic is founded by the WordPress Foundation, which says that there is a regular checking process in the downstream services by the developers for updating the process of pinging. This ensures that the services are legit and can still work in a proper manner. 

There are not many services or loaded with multiple stuff, but all the included ones are some of the major and the most important ones. 

You can also test the ping-o-matic tool in real-time by experimenting with a few of your websites or web pages. You will surely see satisfactory and higher results in terms of traffic engagement and also the overall performance of the website. 

Why should you not avoid using the ping-o-matic tool?

There are no rules and boundaries in using the ping-o-matic tool for SEO. You can submit your website URL directly to Google in order to get them indexed via the use of webmaster tool. But when it is the matter about backlinks from other websites, Pingomatic will come to the rescue. Tools like ping-o-matic are the bonus points in the process of link building which you can not afford to miss if you are looking to create a major impact on the performance of your websites. 

An important point to keep in mind is that almost 80% of the backlinks of the website remains de-indexed due to negation or not informing about such updation to the search engines.

This is the main reason for the failure and less use of most of the SEO tools. So if you want your efforts to be fruitful and result in better performance, then you must use Ping-o-matic.

Are there any limitations to the ping-o-matic tool?

As mentioned earlier, you can use the tool for as much time and as many times as you want and serves your purpose. But you must be careful not to overuse it. Imagine if you keep on asking the same question again and again; it is very obvious that the person will get annoyed and may block you. Similar is the case with using ping-o-matic in excess. Therefore, you must avoid regularly pinging in a short duration of time. However, it is beneficial to be used in longer time gaps. The recommended times to ping one URL varies from 2 to 3 times via different use of pinging tools. Try to prevent using it in excess as overdoing the pinging services may increase the spam score, which will give a negative impact.

The alternative to ping-o-matic tool

There are other similar tools like ping-o-matic, which can also be used to include multiple services and features. Some of them are as follows –

  1. Mypagerank
  2. Pingsitemap
  3. Pingoat
  4. PingFarm
  5. Blogbuzzer
  6. Ping.in
  7. addURL
  8. Pingler
  9. Feedshark
  10. GooglePing
  11. Twingly

You can try these ping-o-matic alternatives and compare their services as well. It will give you a more clear picture to choose from these available options. 

How Can It Be Useful For Boosting Seo?

Each tool has its own specifications and purpose, which is designed to resolve the problems faced by various users. Pingomatic is the solution for the link building process and acts as a catalyser for SEO. However, as far as SEO tools are concerned, the pinging feature does not directly impact the ranking of your website. To put in simpler terms, there is no algorithm in Google which says that the more you ping, the higher your rank will be. Google can easily detect a website which is eager to attain the top ranks by overusing such features and thus flag them as spam. 

However, the search engine rankings are influenced by the linking process of various websites on your webpage. When you ping all these websites, it increases the number of discovering several website contents. This further opens up doors for other websites and bloggers to receive your content or even feature the same in their webpage by offering you a link back. 

Therefore. SEO can be boosted with the help of pinging. It also lets your website content to appear more quickly, which leads to more generation of traffic. At the end of the day, what matters is the audience engagement as they are the ones who can take forward your website and thus enhance the overall performance. 

Pingomatic focuses on the crawling and indexing of your website. Crawling can be defined as the process of discovering updated and new pages by the use of Googlebot, which are to be added to the Google index. Whereas, on the other hand, indexing means the process of gathering information by Googlebot by using the crawl feature. After the information is gathered, the pages are then submitted to the Google searchable index. Therefore, when you ping something, the search engine begins to crawl it, which in turns highers the possibility to rank on the first page. 

Some of the experts also suggest a few other ways to let the search engine crawl your website in a more effective and efficient way. Let us look at some of them –

  1.  Include a sitemap – A sitemap is defined as a file which lists the webpages of your website to notify Google and other search engines about the site content organisation. Various search engines, and particularly Googlebot, search for such sitemaps and then crawl in a more effective and intelligent manner. If you link all your website pages in a proper and organised way, then there is a possibility that the web crawlers identify most of your content. Moreover, a sitemap is an effective way to improve SEO directly. In order to create a sitemap, all you need is just a plugin and the rest will be handled by the plugin you choose. Or you can even select Google XML sitemap generator or Yoast SEO to build a sitemap.
  2. Use the powers of social media to the optimum level – Social media engagement is yet another effective and influential method to boost your SEO. Share your content and website links on different social media platforms and see the multiplication of the shares. When you share your content to bot-invested social media space, crawlers and bots follow the link from that page to view your blog post page. And there is no doubt in saying that there is a huge existence of social media presence which can be used in applying the marketing strategies. 
  3. Use Google Analytics – You can use various services provided by Google such as Google Analytics which tracks your website and its performance. 

While you can use the above-mentioned methods for boosting SEO, you should also take care to avoid some of the myths related to SEO. Let us have a brief look upon such myths so that you do not make mistakes while enhancing your SEO for websites –

  1. Google finds your fresh and updated content and index it – As seen earlier, search bots are based on fresh and new content. But it does not mean that it will crawl and index it without your permission. Although it can happen, it may take a day or two. Here is where you can use Pingomatic or Google XML sitemap generator plugin to ping several bunches of websites at the same time quickly. 
  2. Hire an SEO agency for quick and higher rankings – Although SEO agency can be helpful in keyword analysis and competitive auditing for content marketing, metric analysis and adjustments; it is not at all the guarantor of giving ‘higher and quick’ rankings. So you must only hire an agency when you do not have enough time for managing your website content, looking to improve the traffic engagement, want help in long-tail keyword analysis, stay up to date in the SEO industry or want to get training by an SEO agency.
  3. Having domains in top-level will improve your ranking – Many of the website developers believe that by using a top-level domain name can result in higher rankings. But they ought to know that almost 98% of the websites are of the same top-level domain name which further increases the competition. There is, however, only one exception where the domain name is of geo-targetable country. If you have not registered for any domain name, then it is suggested to use a commonly identifiable domain or focus on offering rich and high-quality content if you are already a website owner.
  4. Meta tags are of no importance – Meta tags are one of the great ways to give out information to the search engines about their websites. Such tags can be used to provide information related to all kinds of clients/users. It consists of three important elements, namely – title tag, meta description and meta keywords or phrases. It should be noted that Google does not use meta tags in order to rank your website.

Final Thoughts

After knowing what is ping-o-matic and how it can be useful to boost SEO ranks, you are ready to install and get going with the pinging process. Give your websites the results they deserve and increase your number of viewers. This will also help your content reach to the larger and mass audience. By using the services of such tools, you can create a reliable source for providing information to the people. So go ahead and start setting up the pinging services so as to keep the SEO ranks higher than before.

Set – begin – and ping!