Solution : How to Fix WordPress images not showing

WordPress is among the best content management systems which are used by users all over the world. Users use it for both personal uses and professional use. Sometimes, there are many issues faced by the users while they are operating WordPress; the problems can be less complex to solve, and other times, you have to scratch your head a lot if you want to get rid of these issues. One of those complex issues is an image display. Sometimes, the image you upload WordPress is unable to display it. This kind of problem is occasionally easy to solve, whereas in other cases, it is very frustrating to resolve this issue.

A dedicated developer can solve the image being not displayed in WordPress issue, or otherwise, you can yourself solve it. Many times, the refreshed also installing not help, and the error keeps on occurring. You can also address such issues if you have proper knowledge about the reason why WordPress does not display the image. Following is an article explaining about WordPress images not showing+how to fix it. Choose a developer who can resolve such problems efficiently! 

What is WordPress?

WordPress was found almost 16 years ago on May 27, 2003. Many statistics and surveys through the internet have shown that among all the Content Management System software, WordPress is the most powerful software and is used by the majority. It is written in PHP and supports operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Unix-like. You can simply use your email address to register yourself as a word press user. In the beginning, WordPress was just a blogging software that is slowly developed and has become a powerful Content Management System software. Just download the software online and your blog, contents, and articles. When you are done with the writing part, you need to host your website on WebHost; for this, you can use services, which allow you to host your content for free. A local computer can be used for single-user testing and learning purposes.

It is not only used as a content management system software but also as blog software and content management framework. If you want to use WordPress, then you must install it on the server. It should be a part of internet hosting or The developers of WordPress are now focusing on converting WordPress in social, mobile, and as an application platform.

Lets now discuss the WordPress images not showing+how to fix problem and measures.

WordPress Images not showing issue decoded (WordPress images not showing+how to fix it)

WordPress is really among the best software if you are in the field of content writing or blogging. It is among the best content management system and is very useful from both a personal and professional perspective. But sometimes general issues occur, such as image not showing error in WordPress. When this issue occurs, you are unable to see the image neither in the admin panel nor in the main panel. The reason for this problem can be very complicated, and you may not be able to solve it all in one. It does not even resolve with some general issues such as theme changing and reinstalling of the full software. The reasons for the image not being displayed in WordPress can be very complex and severe and can take a long time to get fixed. The following can be some general reasons why WordPress is unable to display images in it. 

WordPress images not showing+how to fix it

Here are the reasons for WordPress images not showing:

Make sure that your function .php file may be saved in the wrong format:

This can be a significant issue that the images are not displayed in your WordPress. Always keep the format of this file in utf-8, and it won’t generate such matters. Check the format of the file encoding in your computer cpanel. You can also issue a Linux command and insert an encoding function. These are some of how you can check the format of your .php file and can solve the issue of the image not being displayed in your WordPress.

When you use FileZilla:

Also, if you are using FileZilla in your FTP system and you are facing the issue of the image not being displayed in WordPress, then you may need to swap the transfer mode. Change it to ASCII mode so that you can solve the issue. Sometimes, this is also a significant reason which leads to an error in displaying an image in WordPress. 

When you have removed the file from the WordPress media library:

These images are not stored in the server, nor there exist any backup. Thus, you need to download them again so that WordPress can display the image. Simply uploading them back in the WordPress media library can solve the issue to a very extent, and WordPress will show the image on all the panels without any error.

Make sure that your media folder is set up correctly:

Set it to wp-content/uploads, and this may resolve the issue of not displaying an image in WordPress. The picture you are featuring in your content in WordPress should be uploaded correctly in the media files, and the media files also should be well set up otherwise may produce errors. In contrast, you feature any file in WordPress.

While you transfer one WP form one theme to another, the media files are lost:

In this case, you need to upload them again, and then WordPress will display them correctly. This reason for the image is not shown in WordPress has very little probability of occurring since this doesn’t happen generally. This issue only occurs due to the peculiarities of various themes and thus produces an error. Although this error is easy to solve and then WordPress can display the image.

Make sure that what images you are selecting are uploaded properly:

Always link them correctly in the HTML so that it does not generate the issue in displaying your image. Still know the location of your picture so that you can upload them correctly, and therefore WordPress won’t create any problem in viewing the image in any panel.

Why should you hire a dedicated WordPress developer? 

Sometimes this issue gives so many headaches, and after so much frustration and time spending, you are unable to resolve this issue. The images are not displayed in WordPress due to some general points. But if you are unable to solve it, then you have to consult a developer who can take care of this issue. While you ask a developer, make sure that the developer is highly dedicated and experienced in this filed. Consulting a developer who is not at all experienced can cost you heavy. If you consult an inexperienced developer, then you may lose your data, or other issues can also knock around. Find a developer who is cost-efficient and provide you with solutions that you deserve because you are paying them. They should be flexible in working and should also know how to manage various project management systems. A dedicated developer will work directly with the customer and address client needs without any trouble. Therefore you should choose a developer who is dedicated and is experienced in his felid. A highly skilled developer can also help in upgrading your website and can also solve other minor issues. It is better to choose an experienced developer rather than inviting other problems that can disturb your whole set up in a blink. Therefore if you have tried every way of solving this error in WordPress and still it is not displaying images in it, then hiring a dedicated developer is the right decision. It will be beneficial for you only, and he can also help you in developing other minor errors on your website.     

WordPress images not showing+how to fix without developers’ help?

So,when you have found the reason why the images are not being displayed in WordPress, then you can probably solve it without the help of any professional developer. This issue can occur due to some restrictions and affect the website also. When the image doesn’t get loaded, it affects the backend and frontend both. Just follow some instructions given below, and you can solve the issue of the error that the image is not showing in WordPress even after you have uploaded it correctly. Here are the measures taken on WordPress images not showing+how to fix it

Check the permissions

One of the major issues is that users forget to set the permissions, and then errors like the images are not displayed in WordPress. Therefore before any further proceedings, always check the permissions granted to WordPress. It controls the visibility of a file based on the permission set for the particular folder. If someone changes the file permission, you cannot view the images in the media library of WordPress. Following are some of the essential instructions one must follow to resolve the issue of WordPress unable to display the image.

  • Check-in your FTP account and navigate the path to wp-content/ directory and then check directory related to uploads. If you have saved the image in any other folder, then save the path of that folder here.
  • To know the details about the upload folder and images in the folder, drag the horizontal bar on the FTP software and re-check the file permission. In most of the cases, the permissions show 0644 or 0755, and the owner/group show 505/503. Even if you see that these permissions or settings are disturbed, then right-click on the uploads folder and choose permissions, select the popup dialog box set and reset the permissions to 0644 and 0755.
  • Make sure that when you are done, the checkbox says “recurse into subdirectories” and choose “Apply to all files and directories.” This will check and ensure that all the photos inside “uploads” have all the desired permissions.

Open the media library and check that all the images you downloaded are shown in the folder. Also, make sure that your site is showing all the photos correctly without any issue. 

Unable the option of image hotlinking

1.      Disable hotlinking in .htaccess

When you enable image hotlinking, it sets up the directives in .htaccess file, which is located on the root of your site. So you can also add entries in htaccess files directly or using plugins to enable image hotlinking. Security plugins always offer image hotlinking function, and therefore you must disable it and check whether it is allowing the image to load or not. Following are the steps to follow if you want to disable the hotlinking in .htaccess:

 ~ Log in to our FTP account using FileZilla, or you can also use the original software known FTP client.

~change the website root’s directory, which is originally /public-html/.

~do not forget to enable the hidden files. Sometimes the FTP software does not display the files starting with a dot.  

~if you want to edit or delete files in htaccess, then simply click right click on the htaccess files and edit. Here you can check and delete image hotlinking related data.  

So once you enable image hotlinking, it is not going to allow your other social profiles to display that image and will not declare it as shared content. It just merely blocks the images from loading on different sites of yours.  

2.      Disable image hotlinking from the cPanel

Security is the main feature of any website hosting provider. In many cases, other website owners copy your content and use it in their documents and website. It is okay till here because it doesn’t generate such issues like WordPress not able to display the image. But when your image is copied or the URL of the image is copied on another website and links it there. This not only uses your website bandwidths but also provides numerous errors. Image not being displayed in WordPress is one of those errors only. To avoid this risk, you should enable the option of hotlinking in your website hosting plans. This allows the users to select the particular sites only, which can load the image on their website. Also, make sure that while you activate the hotlinking option, you enable it properly; otherwise, small errors will not allow WordPress to display the images. This majorly happens when you host multiple websites from the same hosting account. Follow the below-given instructions to disable the option of hotlinking on your site:

Log in to your own hosting Cpanel or any other similar account and then search for hotlinking options. Choose it and click on it and disable it on all your websites. Also, you can ask the customer support of your website hosting provider to assist you. Add all your websites in the exception list and all versions of the sites like https, www, HTTP, and other latest versions of www. 

There are many issues related to the media library in WordPress, which occurs due to various reasons. The following are some fundamental problems that arise in the media library of WordPress.

  1. Grid view not working: To view your media in a quick view format, you mostly use this grid view format. But sometimes the media library doesn’t show this and produces the error. You can solve this issue using plugins or setting correct permissions. These are the two ways to solve this error.
  2. WordPress media library search not working: Make sure that you regularly clear your caches and cookies. This also produces errors sometimes. Ensure that you are using compatible plugins. Plugins help to categorize your media files and are always helpful. You can also search your uploaded media using the plugin and check the media library using plugins altogether.
  3. WordPress is unable to display thumbnails: Sometimes, WordPress is unable to display the thumbnails. The reason is almost the same as that when WordPress is also not able to display images in it. Here too, the error is generated due to the wrong set of permissions or incorrect plugins.

Some Final Words

So the bottom line of the article is that when your WordPress is unable to display the image in it, you simply have to find the reasons for this error. This WordPress images not showing+how to fix guide will provide all the details. Without knowing the reason for this error, you cannot identify the correct solution. Just follow some above-declared steps to resolve the issue of media files not being displayed in WordPress.

After trying every possible way still, WordPress is not showing the image in it; then, you must try the last option of consulting a developer. Do not hire a developer who is not at all dedicated and is not even experienced. Such crucial issues can have serious reasons, and that is why your WordPress is not displaying images in it. Therefore always hire a developer who is dedicated and can solve your problem without generating other problems and misplacing your data. Always use better plugins so that your data is not directed to other sites because this can also be a significant reason that your WordPress is unable to display the images in it.